Ugly yummy ravioli

I must say that I hesitated a lot before posting the picture of these ravioli but then remembering them each time I watched them in my photo list, how delicious they were, I couldn’t not share them with you. And anyway you know that plating is not something I am very good at, probably because we are always starving by the time food is ready as I always start thinking about preparing something to eat once I am hungry and A. is stomping in the kitchen asking when food will be ready… and when he will be able to eat… so at some point efficiency enters the equation and things get ugly… yet delicious…

And that exactly the story of these ravioli made with the leftovers of the bouillabaisse my way fish and fresh edamame. Instead of eating the fish with rice in a Japanese way I wanted to make pasta… and make fish ravioli. When all set about fish ravioli and I got started with the flour I realized I put all the remaining eggs in the brioche for breakfast (and since we are traveling to Europe soon I keep my fridge minimally occupied)… whatever… I thought, I made vegan ravioli in the past in a kitchen take over and could do without the egg. Then I realize that once the bones removed the piece of fish I had wouldn’t fill many ravioli, so I browsed my fridge and hesitated between butternut squash or edamame… but really we’re just mid august and I don’t want the summer to end yet so I opted for edamame. And here is the full recipe of these ugly yummy ravioli!!

Edamame and fish ravioli

– 100g of flour

– 2tbs olive oil

– a bit of water

Mix the flour and olive oil, add water until you obtain a hard ball. Knead well until soft. Add a bit of water if necessary. Your vegan dough is ready.

– a piece of white meat fish cooked: steam, court-bouillon, grilled… I used the olive flounder from the bouillabaisse.

– a handful of edamame

Boil the edamame and peel them. Remove the bones of the fish. In a bowl mix them together crushing the edamame. When you obtain a crumbly purée it is good enough.

Now just roll the dough and make the ravioli as usual. Finally boil them, dress them with olive oil, salt and pepper and a few more edamame… or find a much nicer way to dress them and tell me what you did!!!

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