Lemon and ricotta tart

A. cooks once a year and it is for making my birthday cake. I like to have it with tea, because then it all about the cake rather than having it for dessert. Every year I choose the cake I would like to eat and he makes it the way I like it. He usually... Continue Reading →


Being in Italy we eat fresh pasta quite often. And being with our mother we cook all together. This time it's a recipe that our mother created. Very simple, taking advantage of the seasonal products and that can easily be prepared ahead and for large tables. This is tagliatelle with radicchio, spinach, speck and pine... Continue Reading →

Xmas ravioli

Celebrating Xmas with our families in Sicily I prepared an Italian x French ravioli to be served in a little herbs bouillon prepard by my mother. Cooking together we come up with mew odeas snd new tastes. The ravioli are foie-gras ravioli for everyone but me, mine are ricotta. For that it is really easy.... Continue Reading →

A little soup

With some yellow carots, red carrots and normal carrots, some lotus root, some potatoes, and with some Italian beans soup mix that I cooked for lunch, I made for dinner this warm and rich vegan soup. Very very simple and so quick if you have cooked the beans before (optimally leftovers). In a large pan... Continue Reading →


I was in the mood for a little cooking experiment: something in between an okonomiyaki and a galette, with plenty of veggies. Vegan, gluten/free, delicious and colorful. I used plenty of the veggies I had in the fridge: sweet potato, sato imo, lotus root, and carrot. I peeled and cut them then grilled them in... Continue Reading →

Last week…

Yes! This is the last week before we take a few holidays for the end of the year. So much to do at work before then that days will be really too short and I already expect getting back home late and having little time to cook properly. So my shopping basket at the farmers... Continue Reading →

Sunday in the garden

There is quite a bit of work in the garden to get ready for spring. The plum trees are all cvered in buds and I can't wait to see them bloom again soon! So with the beautiful weather, it was a good occasion to trim, clean again, and since days are so short now I... Continue Reading →

Hazelnut and spices cake

It is not often that I make vegan cakes but sometimes there is no choice. I really wanted to make a cake, start mixing flour, baking powder, sugar, and when it cake to the eggs, I realized I didn't had any. And I didn't feel like buying cheap eggs from the kombini (not because they... Continue Reading →

One-plate lunch

What best when it's getting chilly outside than a bowl of hot and steamy white rice? And to complete the lunch, a plate with angelic (ashitaba-明日葉) omelette, grilled pork, grilled cherry tomatoes and turnips with miso. Very quick to prepare, tasty and warming! I am also very pleased to use my new Arita yaki bowls! 

Multigrain risotto with burdock

As I was telling you, I really love the mix fresh parsley and burdock. May be because it makes the burdock taste even more artichoky, a vegetable I love but that is not common in Japan (though I've spotted some lovely artichokes plants in my neighbor's potager garden!). As we will be traveling to Sicily,... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash ravioli again

Last winter I made some butternut squash ravioli  with a very simple filling and in small size, with the ravioli plate I bought in Roma last year. This time I decided to add some nutmeg to the filling and to make large ones, where there is plenty of filling. And since I had plenty of... Continue Reading →

Red onion and pickled plum chutney

That may seem an odd combination but it really was delicious and simple. I love to prepare some sour mix, one of my favotite is probably chrisanthemum chutney. This time I wanted to use pickled plum, umeboshi, in a non Japanese recipe, so I opted for some red onion kind of chutney. I used one... Continue Reading →

Friday’s gnocchi

It is almost a ritual when we arrive at our country house late on Friday evening to have dinner based on gnocchi. Each time I prepare them differently, each time with some vegetables of course. Recently I really like the combination of burdock and parsley, I find the tastes match perfectly and the parsley color... Continue Reading →

Stuffed lotus root

It's been quite a while I wanted to try making stuffed lotus root, but somehow, I never did... Probably because usually I buy rather small and thin lotus roots and I cannot imagine how to stuff them. Finally, I found some huge lotus root, very fresh and nice, so it was THE chance! I hesitated... Continue Reading →

Carrot soup and almond cake

Carrots and tomatoes could both be on top of my favorite food and favorite infredients. I love how it is easy to prepare them in many different ways, raw, grilled, simmered, in puree, sauce, with herb, just with salt... I could continue endlessly the list of options they offer. Yet, I don't think it is... Continue Reading →

Simple pasta

Friday evening and Sunday evening we usually have dinner rather late and I like to have something that can ready quickly with short cooking time, yet still with fresh vegetables. Pasta and gnocchi are usually my best picks for their short and simple cooking, and their versatility in terms of topping and arrangement. Recently I've... Continue Reading →

Oh my god!

There are things that keep me breathless and sadden me bybeing so utterly ridiculous. This time is the new opening of a shop in Aoyama that has been quite a buzz. It took some time for me to realize what it was exactly when I first heard about frozen French food products sold in Aoyama,... Continue Reading →

Cabbage and sticky potato salad

12 years ago we arrived in Tokyo and moved in our first Tokyoite apartment in Nezu. At that time I was working at the university of Tokyo, a 5min walk from there. Settling in Tokyo without speaking Japanese was a lot of fun but not always easy. A. was not working at that time yet... Continue Reading →

Some more Japanese bowls

Rice, rice more rice, white, brown, red, black, wild, arborio, carnaroli, koshihikari, camargues. Whatever, we love rice!!!  This time it's a mix of koshihikari white and brown rice, served with enoki, these long, thin and white mushrooms so easy to find st that the time of the year, and lotus roots, cooked in a bit... Continue Reading →

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