New desktop favorite

I try to play tennis at least twice a week during lunch break, which means then that I need a quick, energetic and easy-to-eat-while-working lunch. So I have developed new sandwiches slightly faster to make than my usual desktop lunches (here and there). Instead of the big slice of bread I now use the bread... Continue Reading →

Cocotte cooking

I really love to cook with my Staub cocotte. It suits a lot of ingredients but I'm still a novice so I learn little by little how it works. I am always very happy with the result. It's very tasty and delicious, but I find that it makes plating really hard because all the ingredients... Continue Reading →

Canola with miso

It is nice to change shopping place once in a while because different markets have different products and it opens up to new opportunity for trying new recipes or new combinations. So this weekend instead of shopping in Ohara I shopped in Kuniyoshi, a small village 10km away. I love their coop shop because they... Continue Reading →

Empty fridge cooking

Or what to do with 3 old branches of celery... because when the weekend comes I usually start to run out of fresh vegetables, waiting for the weekend in the countryside to refill. So last night my fridge was looking really sad with a few old branches of celery, a piece or parmigiano and a... Continue Reading →

Some more green & pasta!

When I look at my food pictures these days it's a lot of green that I see! Most of my recent preparations included leek, canola, spinach, celery, ice plant, sprouts, lettuce...  Even though it's winter we don't get bored eating only cabbage and potatoes! Luckily Chiba has a mild weather and many different veggies grow... Continue Reading →

Regressive pasta

There's been a lot of pasta here these days. That goes together with a busy agenda, a need for energy to combat winter cold weather and because it is just too good!!! After the vegan spinach-tofu pasta, that was quite simple, here is an even more regressive version with spinach and ham, served with Sicilian... Continue Reading →

Barley risotto style

I love barley but I don't cook some too often. An other curiosity of what happens in a kitchen! May be it's because I have the impression it is only good for soup or that it takes too much time too cook. But actually it is not and in risotto style with veggies, or in... Continue Reading →

Sicilian inspired pasta

After browsing my Sicilian cuisine cookbook I had a lot of new inspirations and ideas, and a crave for pasta. I love so much pasta and Italian cuisine that sometimes I wish I could live in Italy or travel there more than once a year! So for the inspiration it was on using pistachios, something... Continue Reading →

Vegan pasta

What better than a pasta plate for dinner when in a rush? And to accomodate it: spinach and tofu simply cooked in olive oil. So simply delicious now with the pick of the spinach season, they are so soft and sweet. Boil the pasta of your choice and drain them. In the meantime, start draining a puece... Continue Reading →

Vegan burger

A. is always asking for burgers so I prepared him a special vegan burger with homemade vegan patties, avocado spread and plenty of salad, really plenty, as he lives salad a lot. I guess what he really wants when he says burger is a bloody steack and fries... but I tried to be inventivd and... Continue Reading →

Canola – 菜の花

The season has come already for canola - 菜の花 - nanohana. They mark that we are now heading towards the coldest times of the year and slightly more gloomy. January is marked by beautiful weather and it moves slowly  into more rainy days. The bright green of the leaves and yellow of the flowers are... Continue Reading →

Mini corn crepes

In a constant search for better quality and better taste I have almost completely stopped buying processed food. Only when we are in a rush/have forgotten do I buy bread at the combini, otherwise I prepare something: pancakes, scones, crepes, bread, or A. stops at the nearby bread artisan to buy some sordough bread. Of... Continue Reading →

Matcha meringues- 抹茶メレンゲ

Because the recipe for the panettone (which was a total failure) was using only egg yolks I decided to make meringues with the whites. In the country house I opted for non electrical appliances in the kitchen, except for the blender, I knead manually and I beat my egg whites manually too. So I added... Continue Reading →

Fresh lunch

After our tennis game turned short because of a sudden snow fall, we went grocery shopping (beautiful radishes, carrots, spinach, cauliflowers and the first of spring veggies: na no hana (colza flowers) and fuki no to) and then back home for lunch. I was frozen and was about to prepare a warm curry or soup.... Continue Reading →

Kabocha-mushroom risotto

This is the perfect winter dish for a busy evening! Super simple to prepare in a short time and you can prepare it before and reheat it just before eating.For two people I use 1/6 of kabocha, 5 mushrooms, risotto rice of your choice, olive oil, salt and pepper and I finished my plate with... Continue Reading →

My Japanese style vegan soup

Largely inspired by the quinoa soups (winter and autumn) I made, I wanted something more Japanese. So I cooked in a pan: one sweet potato, one large sato imo, a piece of kabocha and a leek in a bit of olive oil, and in an other pan I cooked a mix of seeds and beans together... Continue Reading →

御年賀 – o nenga

It is a tradition in Japan to exchange small presents at the beginning of the year (these mist be inexpensive presents of about 500yens), and these small presents are usually food. It is of a great variety and most department stores or food shop offer to prepare such items. They must be wrapped and have... Continue Reading →

7 herbs – 七草

Every year in Japan, on January 7th it is a custom to eat 7 herbs rice porridge おかゆ. Since I am not a huge fan of rice porridge I develop a new recipe every year (other recipes). Last year I prepared a 7 herbs rice omelet. This year I prepared it with grilled cod. I... Continue Reading →

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