Ricotta-basil-prosciutto ravioli

I can't help making ravioli. And even more when I have fresh ricotta. But because A. doesn't like cheese too much I added prosciutto to the basic ricotta-basil filling. And I prepared a tomato-basil-prosciutto sauce to go with it. It was a very simple dinner to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary enjoyed in our country... Continue Reading →

Japanese spikenard – 山ウド

Japanese spikenard - 山ウド is one of the mountain wild vegetables that sprout in spring together with fukinoto, kinome, taranome, kogomi (fiddlehead fern) etc... it is very tasty and ressembles artichokes, chards or cardoons. I find it really delicious eaten cold with a miso and vinegar mix. So here is my recipe.Japanese spikenard with sour... Continue Reading →

Strawberry tart, coconut custard

There is almost nothing as simple as making a strawberry tart, yet as delicious and pretty. It may look like a lot of work but it is not. I have my strawberry tart ready in 20min all included: from making the pie crust to washing the strawberries, including some nice new versions. In addition I'm... Continue Reading →


How do you like your cauliflower? For me it's raw, steamed, boiled, grilled, in gratin, in soup, in purée, with olive oil, with butter, with lemon juice, with just a pinch of salt... yes, you've got it. We love cauliflower at home, as well as his friends broccoli and romanesco and it is just the... Continue Reading →

A French basic

One things that is a bit my Proust's madeleine as we say in French is a cery simple skillet if spinach with cream ir béchamel, poached eggs and bread croutons. A large part if the good memories about are the croutons. For some reason (probably because we have very little bread leftover) I very rarely... Continue Reading →

Japanese style pasta

In Japan there are plenty of Italian restaurants but many serve not a genuine Italian company cuisine, but rather pasta, or more spaghetti, with a strong Japanese touch. The much classic would be mentaiko - 明太子, some kind of poutargue, or spucy fish eggs, with nori. But it goes much beyond that. At first it... Continue Reading →

One-plate lunch from the country

I love to prepare one-plate for lunch, in particular when we have friends visiting. It is easy to prepare and to serveat anytime because the vegetables can be cooked very quickly and the rice, the meat etc... can be kept warm or re-heated very easily. So when the time comes to eat I just need... Continue Reading →

Petits sablés- プチサブレ

Nothing simpler and tastier than little homemade sablés to go with fresh strawberries and help you combat a cold and gloomy Saturday! I made three variations: plain, black sesame and macha. It takes only a few minutes to make them a few more to bake them and they make everyone happy!!! Petits sablés: - 180g of flour... Continue Reading →

Hummingbirg @Hakuba

As I was writing two years ago, when you live in Tokyo, Hakuba is the ultimate place for winter sports. The snow condition is amazing, they have wonderful tracks of all levels both for skiers and snowboarders in Happo-one, some back country options, even in Iwatake a cross country course (though it's not easy to... Continue Reading →

Treasures from Nagano & soba recipe

One of the thing I love in traveling is to find new products or locally produced natural products that are not easy to find otherwise. Shinshu - 信州, the region of Nagano, is quite well known for the production of apricots, apple and buckwheat. So after our weekend in Hakuba I could not come back... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen!!!

After a break away from my kitchen and obviously from Tokyo-Paris sisters, I'm pleased to be back and cook for A. and me. I hope you have enjoyed Prunellia's posts while I was away and the website renewal just before I left (we're still open to hear what you think!). I'm starting back in the... Continue Reading →

TPS renewal!

It's been two years already we've been working on TPS and we thought the website deserved a new design. More easy to read and more easy to search. With a new interface that will also support our new activities. Indeed, since we cook French-Japanese cuisine and our readers are scattered worldwide we will soon propose... Continue Reading →

Warm soup for cold day

Since I was in France in November when it snowed in Tokyo, today was the first snow of the winter for me. It only snowed to be cold, wet but not white, but I don't mind because we ste going to the mountains soon and we will have plenty if snow and white there! But... Continue Reading →

Chinese cabbage pickles

Earlier in Autumn you may have seen some recipes with pickled Chinese cabbage that my nice old neighbor gave me. She also promised at that time to teach me how to make some and last Sunday she came suddenly home with all (the four) ingredients necessary to make this delicious pickled cabbage. And we prepared... Continue Reading →


Here is again a recipe based on quinoa. Because it cooks rather quickly, quinoa is always a good option when running short of time and a good alternative to rice and pasta. Since I discovered this quinoa soup recipe last year in my vegetarian cookbook I have found new ideas to use quinoa rather than... Continue Reading →

Continuing with Japanese one-plates

For weekend lunches I love to prepare one-plate or one-bowl lunches. They are simple to prepare, well balanced and fun to eat. Since we spend most of our weekend outdoors they are a perfect break. I usually use Japanese rice as the starting point and decline with two or free more items. For this plate... Continue Reading →

Plum trees start to bloom

It's been a few weeks that the red plum trees in the garden were boiling to bloom, now it's official plum flower season has started. Even some if the white plum trees have started to bloom too. It is one of my favorite moment in the year. It is still cold but spring is already... Continue Reading →

Little breads

Recently I haven't posted much about bread making. I made a trial for a panettone which was a delicious "something", but not a panettone the recipe I used from "journal des femmes" website was just a big scam, after more searching in some cookbooks, I think I have a nice recipe to try. I also... Continue Reading →

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