Soumen primavera

I can't believe that yesterday I was preparing soumen with spring vegetables and that today I dream of a hor rich soup. Yesterday was spring today is winter! Anyway, spring is just to arrive for sure soon, so a little spring recipe is always good, in particular when it's that simple and tasty. I have... Continue Reading →

Sakura rice

The other day I was so happy with cherry blossom rice in my bento that I couldn't help trying to make some. It's just the right season for it, cherry trees start to bloom, though it seems they are rather late this year. Making sakura  rice is very simple. You need only four ingredients: white... Continue Reading →

To Osaka!

En route to Osaka for for a few days! Which means no cooking and fewer posts from me. What I love with traveling in Japan by train, is this habit that people have to eat on the train. Eating on the train is part of the journey and at the station finding the lunch box... Continue Reading →

New potatoes omelette

For the first time in a week my head didn't spin and seeing the world so still is quite strange now! I kind of got use to living in a spinning boat and adjusted to it. My appetite is coming back too! But I still prefer to eat simple food. So I made a new... Continue Reading →

Spring in the plate!

It's getting warmer, out the winter coats! And the spring vegetables are everywhere on the market shelves!  I couldn't resist to preparing the first spring vegetables sautéed of the year. A classic in our house that can accompany fish, meat, tofu, eggs, or just be eaten like that. Choose the spring vegetables of your choice:... Continue Reading →

Recovery food

As I was telling you on Monday, I was pretty down with pollen allergy and vertigos. I am very rarely feeling bad so I am not used to it and it annoys me a lot to be reduced in any of my activities.  Because of the vertigos I could only eat industrial butter rolls, the... Continue Reading →

Kumquat and mackerel pasta

This recipe is inspired by my Sicilian cookbook and I wanted to make it auite sometime ago but I couldn't find the proper fresh fish. Not the right season. But I finally got it!!! The recipe works with anchovies, sardines or little mackerels (what I got). I used fish prepared for sashimi so it's very... Continue Reading →

Spinach-chicken ravioli

It is spring today and I am down with very strong pollen allergy, my head is spinning, my eyes are itching and I almost couldn't move this morning. But I am talking at a public event and I hate to cancel my interventions, let people down. So A. has helped me take my things together,... Continue Reading →

Green chahan

Lunch is all like the weather today! Sunny, warm and nice! With tones of fresh greens: mizuna, spinach, snap peas; sesame and tofu and freshly cooked rice. It is so simple to make that even shooting a video of it was easy and quick! So today the recipe is in the movie! Enjoy your Sunday!!! 

Friday evening pasta

It's late, we're tired and the house is cold. A nice plate of colorful pasta or gnocchi is my favorite dish in that situation!! I had some snap peas, some cherry tomatoes and a bit of bacon left, together with olive oil and pepper, it made a great sauce for short pasta. I choose conchiglie,... Continue Reading →

Itosho – いと正

Last year I tried Daigo and a temple that serve Shojin-精進 cuisine. This time it is the turn of the Michelin one star Itosho in Azabu juban. The number of restaurant serving this kind of cuisine seems to be slightly increasing but Itosho is one of the long runner, since it started almost 50 years... Continue Reading →

Colorful vegetables

Well after taking a bit more time and cooking for 4 people it's now back to crazy at work and coming back home late, working weekends. So dinners have become simpler. It goes together with a typical March weather, when one day is rainy and cold and the next is warm and sunny. When you... Continue Reading →

Shiitake and spinach quiche

This is the end of winter, but it is still chilly and though the spring greens are quite attractive, sometimes a good all winter quiche with spinach and shiitake is a perfect dinner. And because I find that a short movie is easier to understand the technique than long sentences I am trying again to... Continue Reading →

Japanese style pasta

And here we are with a new recipe of Japanese pasta. Honestly I didn't think I would like this combination so much but in the end I prepare some more than often after the one with pickled cabbage. So this time I prepared a vegan  base with new onion, canola, snap peas, fried tofu, to... Continue Reading →

No-name recipe

It's neither a clafoutis nor a quiche nor a cake. It has the fluffiness of a cake, the moisture of a quiche and the edges of a clafoutis. This is simply what I have cooked last night for dinner. With my parents at home I try to come back earlier from work and t gives... Continue Reading →

Spring is in the air!

Well, at least in the farmers market! Because it's still quite cold in Tokyo... but all these greens were so appalling that I couldn't resist making a little green risotto for everyone! Simply with one leek for the creaminess, and then fava beans, green peas and snap peas. That's the vegan base. But with my... Continue Reading →

Little getaway: Bise

In the end of winter when spring is coming but too slowly, there is nothing such as a little getaway to the southern islands for a bit of real spring, with temperatures above 20 degrees and the ocean around 22 degrees. And with my parents visiting we all took off to Okinawa main island for... Continue Reading →

Kumquat and carrot salad

Fresh, simple, delicious and just a Japanese twist for the white miso dressing for this salad, that was inspired by my IG watching. You need a few carrots, a few kumquats, a tbsp of white miso, and a bit ofkonbu dashi or water. Slice or grat the carrots, cut the kumquats in quarters, and stir the... Continue Reading →

Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi – 三越日本橋

I often go to shop at Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi because it is the closest department store from our place and it offers some really amazing services that I hve never found somewhere else: an excellent antic jewelry repair corner, a fur reform service, a nice shoe repair center, a huge corner for patisserie and bread making,... Continue Reading →

Risotto “fond de frigo”

Sometimes there are a few things remaining in the bottom of your vegetables drawer in your fridge, and you don't know what to do with them... typically a leek, a little piece of kabocha, a tomato, a little piece of cauliflower... well it makes a very nice base for a vegan risotto. First, a bit of... Continue Reading →

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