Double luck!

I was thinking that these days I don't cook much and in particular I haven't created new recipes as often as I usually do. Indeed, I am busy with work, handling a lot of things at the same time, and the beginning of the new term at the university, with new students in the lab,... Continue Reading →

Carrot pudding

So, as promised, here is my very probable entry recipe for the recipe and cooking contest by Soy Sauce. The same I participated in last year and was selected as a finalist and received the bronze prize. I chose a recipe with very simple ingredients, that can be served as a main or a side,... Continue Reading →

Soya sauce recipe contest

So... apparently the Parisian sister has again let us down once again, and despite her promise to contribute every week steadily, she didn't keep it more than 2months...  Sorry, no sweets and cake recipes because I myself rarely cook or bake some. I am more interested in meals and breads! Recently with the spring coming... Continue Reading →

Mini vegan burgers

Oops! I did it again!  with some leftover boiled lentils I had, I made some vegan burgers!!! Well or some sort of burgers because I use my seed preparation as the base of my burgers and then just add a spread of avocado to glue them together. This time I was running out of time... Continue Reading →

Lentil vegan one-plate

With a fridge almost empty because I long to go shopping at the countryside farmers market, I'm using up my stock of seeds, beans, lentils... and just add some fresh blanched vegetables and raw sprouts.  It perfectly suits the super warm weather toeat some light and fresh meals, just seasoned with salt, curcuma and olive... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen!

After a week away from home and the last three days eating out, we were missing some simple homemade food, with no dressing but just a few drops of olive oil, and some Japanese rice. I was also missing to cook, so the first thing I did once home was to go shopping for fresh... Continue Reading →

Parisian addresses for travelers

Our hotel life in Paris is continuing with a few nice discoveries and rediscoveries that I really want to share for those away from home in Paris. First of all the hotel. Finding a good hotel in Paris with all the services and the quietness is nit an easy task. Hotel: After trying many many... Continue Reading →

White asparagus with parmigiano cream

One ingredient again that is not that easily found in Japan and that you can find everywhere at farmers markets in France at this time of the year: white asparagus! Indeed, in Japan green asparagus are quite common but white are rather rare and most of the time imported, so I never buy some. But... Continue Reading →

Mum’s artichokes barigoule

Every time I go back to my parents' place in Aix-en-Provence and the season allows for it, my mother would cook one of my favorite artichokes recipe (I love artichokes!! ), and that I cannot eat in Japan because finding the proper ingredients is very difficult or impossible. This recipe of artichokes barigoule is a... Continue Reading →

Parisian walks

So, here am I in Paris just for one day before heading to Aix-en-Provence for work. Spring is turning heads here as much as sakura and hanami were in Tokyo and the beautiful warm weather and the jetlag invite for random walks and terraces farniente. With the Paris marathon raging on the right bank we... Continue Reading →

Sakura rice v2

Now that I understand a bit better how to use the salted sakura, I decided to prepare a new version of sakura rice (the fridge being almost empty before our departure to Europe today). I decided to prepare it not with greens as I did last time but with sweet potatoes. So I basically prepared... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian quiche

We love quiches and I think I don't cook some too often! There are so many variations that I can't do twice the same one! Recently I've been using a lot of wheat bran in my breads, cakes, pancakes and quiche or tart doughs. It gives a fibery texture that I really love on top... Continue Reading →

Soya milk curry rice

Curry-rice is always good to eat whether it is warm or cold, I love the creamy sauce with the veggies and the rice. All the textures, the colors and the flavors... yet I often find curry is too spicy for me. One way to soften it is to use soya milk instead of water to... Continue Reading →

Green salad

Winter and spring continue their little twists. My cooking is thus following the same pace. And for a warm spring day I prepared a nice little green salad with fresh lettuce, cucumber, okara and plenty of fresh coriander. Very simple and fresh. For the dressing I simply used a tbs of soya sauce. This salad... Continue Reading →

Eclair ⚡️

With this horrible rainy and cold Saturday there was nothing else to do than cook some sweets and drink hot tea. After browsing a few recipes of things I wanted to cook, the unanimous choice was chocolate eclairs! And here I am in my kitchen, preparing pate a chou and custard. Of course chocolate eclair... Continue Reading →


There are quite many Michelin rated restaurants in Kansai, many are Japanese cuisine restaurants. For A.'s birthday I was looking for a nice place to spend the evening, many are closed on Sunday and I couldn't make a decision. After spending some time at the Saint Regis hotel, we checked in at the Intercontinental hotel... Continue Reading →

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