Yes! The season for clafoutis is coming again! I love summer and summer fruits simple recipes like clafoutis, tarts and simply poached fruits with herbs or spices. The clafoutis recipe is really simple: 4 ingredients only: flour-eggs-milk-sugar, but you can easily make some variations by changing the balance between the ingredients, or using vegetal milk... Continue Reading →

Chichibu – 秩父

Two years ago we went to see an exhibition of meisen kimono and I totally felt in live with this new technique to make more affordable kimonos. I like how it is linked with the societal changes that were occurring at that time, freeing women,  and the cultural changes with Japan in between western and... Continue Reading →


Today, the first exhibition I curated opened at my university museum. It's a small museum, with a lot of local visitors, and exhibitions about the work done at the university in the present and past, and its history. Having a 3 months exhibition about human and robot is a new thing. It was very exciting... Continue Reading →

Rainy season!

Just as planned, this week is pretty busy, I have many duties overlapping, committees I am in charge of, official events to attend and adding up to my lectures, students supervision and research projects and writing. The exhibition preparation is taking most of my (rather short) remaining available time. So this week no tennis at... Continue Reading →

Weekend cooking

Beautiful weekend with our normal activities... it seems like it hasn't happened in such a long time... probably two months or even more with all the traveling in March and April and the visitors in May, plus some bad weather...  it means playing tennis, gardening, going to the seaside, and it also means some nice... Continue Reading →

D-9 before the opening!

As many of you may know, I'm a roboticist, cooking is just a hobby. I am the head of 20 people research lab in a national university in Tokyo. Just google me to check!! My days are pretty full with my job but I can't help doing more than my shre and taking opportunities to... Continue Reading →

Rolled asparagus

I discovered this very simple preparation of asparagus in Japan, I don't know if it is anywhere else as popular as it is here, but it is for sure an extremely simple recipe that goes very well for barbecue or for very quick dinner fix. It consists in rolling green asparagus in thin slice of... Continue Reading →

Rough puff

With the terrible weather on Saturday, I thought it was a good occasion to work and cook. And for cooking, I was thinking of making something that I usually don't have time to do when the weather is nice and we spend most our time outdoor gardening or playing tennis or swimming. My objective was... Continue Reading →

Miso-lemon dressing

Recently it has been quite difficult to find gnocchi in our usual grocery stores, and gnocchi were our staples for late Friday dinners when we arrived in the country. So I have had to find a replacement. Today I tried soba (buckwheat noodles) that I prepared with plenty of greens and I decided to serve... Continue Reading →

Barley risotto

I'm a big fan of all kind of cereals and leguminous plants. I like to use them in many recipes. In Japan there exists many, such as adlay and millet and of course all the beans (豆) families: edamame, azuki, black beans... I also like the European or Asian ones too, barley, lentil, chickpea... that... Continue Reading →


Cooking in the morning for breakfast is great when I have the time: pancakes, scones, crepes... but it is not always possible and sometimes I prefer to bake something the day before so that it only takes the time to prepare some fresh fruits in the morning. My basic recipe is usually that of a... Continue Reading →

Salmon spinach ravioli

Ravioli, in particular jumbo ones, are one of my favorite dish, both to eat and prepare. Or may be I just enjoy making them because I enjoy eating them so much!!! This time I made spinach and salmon ravioli, a king of classic I guess, but so very delicious! The pasta is always the same for two... Continue Reading →

Last day of GW

Here it is... the golden week is going to end soon... it's going to be hard to leave our stray cat, the garden and the big kitchen. I have baked a dozen of breads, tarts, quiches, I have made ravioli and all sort of things. DIYed with A. and gardened quite a lot. We've had... Continue Reading →

Quick pizza

Finding some fresh rucolla at the farmers market suddenly triggered my craving for a vegan fresh pizza. Nothing more simple, with the delicious little new onions and the small very ripe tomatoes I had already. Making pizza dough for the crust is really simple, and with the warm weather the rising time and proving time... Continue Reading →

Golden week

So, here we are, right in the middle of the golden week. All our friends have left and we're planning to spend a few days doing some DIY and gardening. Having friends at home I spent a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare them my classics: breakfast with freshly baked bread, creamy scrambled... Continue Reading →

Golden week(end)

The golden week in Japan is this blessed moment in spring when there are several bank holidays and when usually the weather is perfectly warm but not hot and the nature is full of dpring greens, flowers and days are getting longer with a beautiful light. This is a time when we usually have msny... Continue Reading →

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