Veggies and grain

This week A. is very busy with work, with visitors from his headquarters, meaning dining out for him and dinner alone for me, and also taking care of the house chores. When it's the case I usually come back late from work too and cook some rather simple meals that while it cooks give me... Continue Reading →

Sewing DIY

It's the rainy season so I cannot spend as much time outdoors as I would like to, so I keep myself busy indoors with some cooking, working and some DIY projects. Indeed, it's been a few years now that I have wanted to sew and buy myself a sewing machine. So far I was hand... Continue Reading →

Tiny new potatoes

When I was a kid my grandfather had a terraced kitchen garden where he would grow in the summer green beans, tomatoes, salads, radishes, strawberries, raspberries, red currants, herbs, there was also a fig tree, a verbena tree etc... I have vivid memories of eating the tomatoes on the plant while warm from the sun... Continue Reading →

Brown rice risotto

Summer is here right? We're past June 21st already! But in Japan June is not summer as westerners could imagine it, rather I could say that the rainy season has finally started, with pouring rain one day, and humidity level increasing noticeably. Summer will start later in July for us! In the meantime the summer... Continue Reading →

Curry soup

A few weeks ago, one day when the weather was awfully rainy, we went out for lunch in a new place we haven't tried before: Green +. It's a small cafe a bit remote with a chef that cooks vegan local food using tones of herbs and mild spices. The lunch menu is rather simple:... Continue Reading →

Fougasse bacon-mustard

I make fougasse regularly, and I regularly change the ingredients and try new recipes: fougasse, sesameĀ  fougasse, olive fougasse... This time I tested a new recipe with smoked bacon and mustard. Simply delicious for a quick bite! I used my reguler recipe base with plain white flour. And when shaping the fougasse I added bacon... Continue Reading →

A nice custom

In Japan when you go to a bice restaurant there a nice custom of leaving the restaurant with a present, generally food present. Many of the Japanese restaurants we jave been practice this custom, but I don't know where it comes from. I need to investigate more!!!! I remember some delicious pound cake from Robuchon, sometimes... Continue Reading →

Fresh corn

Yesterday one of my students at the university brang some fresh corn he has received from his family and he gave me one. Corn for me immediately calls for Tex-Mex food, why I don't know... and when I say Tex-Mex it is a bit of an extrapolation. It just mean tomatoes, spices and sometimes avocado... Continue Reading →

Colorful salad

Sometimes a very simple meal is welcome, but something different than usual. And for no specific reason I don't cook potato salad very often, even though it's super easy and delicious. I don't mean mayonnaise base potato salad that is very common here in Japan, but rather olive oil base. Something with plenty of fresh... Continue Reading →

Japanese style quiche

Today we were invited at our neighbors places for a group session of Vipassana meditation and a dinner aftewards. I was busy all afternoon harvesting plums and didn't see time flying, but absolutely wanted to prepare some food to bring rather than simply buying drinks. So in a rush, the thing I am the best... Continue Reading →

Stuffed zucchini

Summer = zucchini plenty! Of course there are many ways to prepare them (see the zucchini recipe week from 2 years ago!). One of my favorite is stuffed zucchini. Classic meat stuffing would be my grand mother recipe, cheese stuffing would be my mother recipe. But yesterday night I invented a new recipe with some... Continue Reading →

Minestrone inspiration

A plate of pasta with vegetables is always good and easy to prepare. But rather than pasta with sauce or vegetables I wanted vegetables with pasta. I took the inspiration from the minestrone recipe but at the time of adding the tomatoes I found that the all green dish was a perfect match with the... Continue Reading →

Horse beans cold soup

Spring vegetables are getting close to the end of the season and we're moving towards summer vegetables: zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants, melons... but before it ends, I wanted to eat a little bit more of these greens! I love so much green peas and horse beans. With the horse beans I prepared a cold soup with... Continue Reading →

Two way meal

Or two recipes with the same ingredients. One the original version and the second a leftover version. Both delicious and easy to prepare.  The original recipe is a Japanese one: rice with green peas and red miso grilled cod. This recipe is made with simple and easy to find fresh ingredients. You need fresh cod... Continue Reading →


Now that work is getting back to normally busy I have more time to cook for dinner. And sometimes things turn out better than expected, may be because I haven't cooked for a while. A quiche is very easy to make and always delicious but sometimes it turns out even better than that. Yesterday night... Continue Reading →

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