Back home!!!

I was in Toulouse for two days and it was not 2h since I landed back in Tokyo to be in my kitchen and prepare some simple meal for A. and me. I miss very quickly cooking, and preparing a nice little dinner is perfect to recover from the jet lag. In particular when the... Continue Reading →

Rosemary and bacon scones

My passion for scones is endless and I love to test new variations. Largely inspired by the cooking magazine I brought back from Chicago this summer, and waiting for chillier days, I finally made some salted scones. I didn't follow the recipe from the magazine, rather took the opportunity to have plenty of fresh rosemary... Continue Reading →

Quenelles sequel

So once you have made some oven grilled quenelles, the next thing you can do is a green soup.  for that green soup, as I mentioned yesterday it is very simple, green leaves of any kind work perfectly: spinach, radish tops, turnip tops, salad... and since I found beautiful radishes with perfect green and yound... Continue Reading →


Quenelles are a French traditional recipe that comes from Lyon. Though I am not usually a big fan or connaisseur of the cuisine from that area (usually too meaty for me). Quenelles are one of the rare preparations from that region I love. It's usually vegetarian, except for chicken or fish quenelles, it's versatile and... Continue Reading →

Grilled gnocchi

What's that you'll ask me! But it's so simple and so delicious that it is worth trying.  Usually you boil your gnocchi I guess but actually you don't have to! You can simply grill them in a frypan with a little of olive oil, and takes even less time to cook them. Which, these days... Continue Reading →

Yuzu scones

As you know, I bake scones quite often. I love them for breakfast and for tea-time, I love the sweet or salty, and they are so easy to prepare and so quickly baked that I can improvise easily. Now it's a good season for yuzu, they are easy to find locally, so It's the good... Continue Reading →

Pickled cabbage

This week, our nice little grandma neighbor gave us some salt pickled chinese cabbage. She has offered to teach me how to make it if we like it. Of course we liked it! So next weekend I'm looking forward to learn how to make it. In particular because I like Chinese cabbage but they are... Continue Reading →

Dinner in a rush

Working Saturday on campus, coming back home and deciding to head to the country to enjoy the beautiful weather, I had to prepare dinner in a bit of a rush once we arrived, with an empty fridge and very few ingredients. Hopefully A. is always ok with simple vegab food, and I prepared steamed leek... Continue Reading →


It's been a year now I've started some barter process with our neighbors in the country. Some gingko nuts here, some citrus fruits, some plums, some bread etc... in exchange one would sew a kimono, teach me how to make umeboshi, give us a few pickled vegetables, and more often they would give us fresh... Continue Reading →


A few years ago one of the main kabuki theater in Tokyo, the Kabuki-za in Ginza closed, was demolished and rebuilt. It reopened a year ago and since then we've been a few times to see performances. The theater completely renewed still has a very old style flair, the outside being almost untouched (expect for... Continue Reading →

Bread making

The temperature is getting low at night these days; and mornings, though sunny are quite chilly. I love then more than ever to have hot bread, freshly baked, for breakfast. But because temperature in the house is much lower controlling the bread making is also much difficult. Yet, with more experience each year, I start... Continue Reading →


"Grill what you like" could be a direct translation for okonomiyaki, this very popular Japanese dish from Kansai as I explained in a previous post. And it is one of the first Japanese dish I've ever prepared after we first travel to Japan. Indeed, okonomiyaki is easily found as stall food for festival and is... Continue Reading →

Back to “normal”

After one full week of reunited Tokyo Paris sisters, it is time to part again, not for too long, since we'll reunite with our whole family for another Christmas in Sicily, which I am very much looking forward too!!! One week with guests at home and usual work is always quite intense. Dining out, waking... Continue Reading →

My new favorite desktop lunch

After reading that the trend for avocado as an healthy food (like we didn't know that before, stupid magazines that said for so long it was too fatty... pfiuu) and the resulting worlwide frenzy for avocado toast and other recipe based on avocado  (stupid magazines again), is causing deforestation in Mexico, one of the major... Continue Reading →

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