Week-end power lunch

As usual, after our two hours tennis game in the morning we're just starving and we need a good source of carb and proteins. I love the Japanese combo rice and meat balls. This time sweet potato rice, chicken and soua sauce balls, and pickled myoga in plum vinegar. Perfect!I bake the rice in a... Continue Reading →

Beetroot risotto

Last year when we went back to France for Christmas we had several time beetroot, mainly in winter style salads, and I realized that in Japan this is not a common vegetable, just like fennel, kale or so many other vegetables that are common in the west (celery was hard to find a few years... Continue Reading →

Shishito with katsuobushi

What I love with katsuobushi, it's that it suits very well greens Simply prepared: delicious spinach topped with katsuobushi, green beans, and even shishito. Shishito is a sort of tiny green pepper with a typical taste, and sometimes they can be really hot, but not often. I usually prepare shishito for snacks, by just grilling... Continue Reading →

Quiche Japanese style

As I was thinking of preparing something about dashi and katsuobushi for a while, I imagined that I had to pay a visit again at Ninben to see if they were selling all of the different katsuobushi I learned about, and I found there a very nice recipe book. Of course all the recipes use... Continue Reading →

Hectic week

This all week has been pretty crazy.  I knew I would be very busy at work and that I'll have to go early to the lab too, but what I didn't expect is that the train to commute would let me down so many times. Usually trains are super reliable in Japan, but once in... Continue Reading →

Chickpea and flax seeds thick crepe

There is an infinity of variations with crepes and pancakes, by changing the flour, adding baking soda or not, milk, egg, seeds... I love to play with all these possibilities and create something different each time. This time I grilled some eggplant and sweet pepper, so I decided to bake a big thick crepe made... Continue Reading →

Japanese cucumber with miso

Japanese cucumber are really tiny compared to the huge one in Europe or America. Their diameter is usually between 1 and 2 centimeters and they are 12 to 20 centimeters long. There are few seeds and the the skin is not too thick so you just need to wash the and can eat them.In summer... Continue Reading →

Ultimate simplicity

There are evenings when I don't really have time to cook because I'm late from work or workout and I'm starving. Inicidently these evenings would coincide with a rather empty fridge (for some standards my fridge is always empty!). When this happens I need to fix dinner in less then 10min and I need carbs... Continue Reading →

Fig tart

There is one thing that I really love in the end of summer it's figs. It is relatively easy to find beautiful purple figs in Japan and I usually cook them in tart. I use a very traditional and simple recipe with a classic dough sable and an almond powder base with very little sugar.... Continue Reading →

My smoothies

I love to eat fresh fruits for breakfast every day, and when seasonal fruits are not too good (autumn and winter) or I have some fruits that got a little too rippen for a fruit salad I prepare a lot of smoothies. My idea is not to have a "super drink" with a whole week... Continue Reading →

Local products from Tsunan

So, as I was mentioning before, I packed a lot of local products from Niigata prefecture and more particularly from Tsunan machi. The area is famous for its rice, a little of buckwheat and since they grow a lot of vegetables there is also delicious pickles, and to make them the 2-5-8, a preparation much... Continue Reading →

Cucumber cold soup

With all the nice cucumber I got from K. I imagine I should try to use as many as possible quickly. We usually eat a lot of cucumbers just raw cut in stick as snack while I cook dinner. This time to use a little more cucumber I prepared a cold soup by just blending... Continue Reading →

Art and nature in Niigata prefecture

In the summer of 2006 while browsing the internet to find some nice contemporary art event and exhibition I found information about the Echigo-Tsumari art triennale (ETAT) and some special performances that would be held on the week end, so we jumped in a car and drove up there with no plan but our "triennale... Continue Reading →

Summer in Japan

Tokyo summer is hot and often humid but it's an amazing season and it's usually short (too short), with the peak of summer starting from the second half of July until usually the first typhoon of August. During the summer there are two things really important: summer festivals (夏祭り-natsu matsuri) and fireworks (花火大会-hanabi taikai). Recently... Continue Reading →

Spelt and mozarella salad

OK! I promise this might be the last post about summer salads!!! But this past days I've really tried a lot of new things and each was a great match. This spelt and mozarella salad is an other example. Simply boiled spelt, cucumber, ocra, boiled edamame and fresh mozarella diced, a lot of pepper, and always... Continue Reading →

And an other salad/donburi/one-plate

I'm in a constant quest for new food combinations and freshness, while at the same time I keep things simple and try again and again. That's what I love about cooking: nothing exactly the same but yet not completly different. Always delicious because I cook what we love. And so many chances to try since... Continue Reading →

Okinawa fresh products

I discovered passion fruits while traveling to the Seychelles when I was 6. On Bird island I ate my first one and immediately loved the juicy, sour, sweet, crunchy little fruit.Back in France I've eaten passion fruits but nothing to compare with the one that haven't travel so long.Japan islands span over such a long... Continue Reading →

One more salad, or bulgur donburi

In my search of the perfect summer salad I'm making a lot of trials, never twice the same. Of course as I was writing in my earlier post all have in common a cereal or carb base: bulgur, rice, pasta, couscous... Tons of fresh vegetables: mainly tomatoes, ocra, cucumbers, a very light or non existing... Continue Reading →

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