A strange experience

My husband helps me a lot at home and we share the house chores, but he likes to joke and say that he is the one doing everything at home, once he has just finished washing the dishes once in a while! So l've decided to let him experience what it is really to do... Continue Reading →

Another veggie tart!

With endless variations and always the best seasonnal veggies, a tart is always a perfect meal.  My veggie tart today contains the last green beans and the last broad beans of the season, a handful of edamame, one yellow sweet pepper and one tomato. I prepared the dough with a mix of buckwheat and spelt... Continue Reading →

Basil and tomato ravioli

The basil in the garden seems to enjoy very much the rainy weather and it's growing gigantic, so I went to cut some and was thinking about preparing a simple dish of pasta with basil and tomato. But then it turned out in a new ravioli recipe! I peeled a large tomato (you'll actually need 2... Continue Reading →

Week end lunch

Funny because I don't often cook soba on week days, but on week end I realized we eat some quite often!  I love to cook them in a simple manner, neither in soup nor cold with tsuyu, but rather just boiled with a few drops of soya sauce, accompanied with some vegetables and often meat... Continue Reading →

Quinoa bowl

A pure bowl of yumminess! With quinoa simply boiled, baby leaf salad, diced avocado and dried salted konbu (shio konbu - 塩昆布), and the juice of a local lime for a late Friday evening dinner in the country. I love shio konbu, it accomodates very well with Japanese and non Japanese dishes. It tastes slightly... Continue Reading →

Thick pancakes

In my quest of an ever changing breakfast menu, I decided to try to make soya flour thick pancakes. It is as simple as making soya flour pancakes but the fluffiness obtain with the thick layer of dough is really changing the whole experience. For this recipe I used a mix of white flour and... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian late dinner

Sometimes (often) I don't have much time to prepare dinner so I really like to prepare sautéed fresh seasonal vegetables (carrot, lotus root, potato, okra), and this time I accompanied them with a fluffy tofu omelet. Yes fluffy again, after yesterday's pancakes recipe!In a bater I mixed 3 eggs and a block of silky tofu... Continue Reading →

Buckwheat bread

A new variation of a classic bread: buckwheat and plain flour bread. It is really simple it consists in replacing half of the flour by buckwheat flour and add a little more yeast. It has a subtle taste perfect for breakfast.

Japanese vegan dinner

An other of my simple vegan dinner, this time 100% Japanese. With a konbu dashi miso soup with tofu and myoga and a bowl of rice topped with sauteed veggies: shishito, carrots, burdock and potato. No seasonning, just the pure delicious taste of each ingredient.

Apple ginger cider

The other day we went to Aoyama to pick up our new car and we stopped for lunch on our way in a little passage in Aoyama dori with food trucks and cafe barracks celebrating the chia seed week. Don't ask me what it is, I didn't really get the point, none of of the... Continue Reading →

My Rolls Royce

No it's not my new car but my new amazing rice cooker. I have had rice cookers for a long time. My first one was offered by Gentiane when I moved to Paris. It was a nice one, classic Chinese style (I mean a round one with a top like a lid). I used it all... Continue Reading →

Saturday bowl lunch

Back to our routine, lot of work and week end in the country. Saturday morning tennis and one-bowl lunch. Today the market was really good, edamame, green beans, lots of fruits...  So the lunch bowl was really simple: chick peas, edamame, green beans, cucumber, sesame seeds, with lemon juice and olive oil; and for the proteines... Continue Reading →

Ingredients for bread

At first when I started to bake my own bread I didn't know much about it and I didn't know how to chose the ingredients. As in any preparation the quality of the ingredient is crucial and it is not easy to understand what is a good flour and what is not, and also there... Continue Reading →

Back to my kitchen!!!

After being away from home for more than 10 days I'm really happy to be back to my kitchen. After eating out a lot (even though recently it's been easier to find simple food in restaurants in France) I really need to get back to my basic diet. As soon as we were done with... Continue Reading →

Smoked mackerel and salad

Today, for a quick healthy meal, I made a really simple salad. Of course the main base is with seeds (as always), here it's a mix of lentils, quinoa and brown rice, then I add tomato, avocado, beetroot, balsamic vinegar, goji berries, a few of sunflower seeds and on the top: smoked mackerel. Bon appetite.  

Simply veggies

I'm still a bit suffering from jetlag, and I wake up early, but in France it's all dark until 7:00am, so there's not much to do. So let me introduce an other recipe of delicious veggies, like I already miss them!Grilled veggies are the best! Potato, sweet potato, kabocha and broccoli. I just added a... Continue Reading →

Broccoli and mashed potatoes

Before and after traveling I feel like needing more than ever fresh fruits and veggies and super simple recipes. So let me share with you a new idea I add. I wanted to eat mashed potatoes, I love them! But I don't make some too often. So for this recipe I prepared simple mash potatoes... Continue Reading →

To France

Et voila! Packing done. Everything's ready. This time I'm traveling to France for work for about 10 days. I'm sure I'll come back with tones of things, food, fashion and interior related probably!I'll be back on 17th!  

Healthy and easy breakfast

You know how we like seeds with Gentiane, we use them all the time and can put some of them everywhere.  For this quick breakfast, I need yogurt (or creamy fromage blanc), a drop of brown sugar, blackberries, raspberries and of course many different kinds of seeds. I use goji berries, sunflower seeds, pine seeds.... Continue Reading →

Smoked tofu one-plate

I was about to buy momendofu (firm tofu) for this one plate dish when a pack of smoked tofu attracted my sight and I ended up with it. All the way back home I was wondering when I had smoked tofu last and how it was, but I couldn't really reacall. Probably in a vegan... Continue Reading →

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