Persimmmon and turnip salad

We harvested some more persimmons today and I really have a lot!! So I'm trying a few recipes with persimmons, after the not too conclusive jam experiment. Back when I was going to cha-kaiseki classes there was a really nice autumn recipe of persimmon in salad. Later I found other recipes that inspired me, and... Continue Reading →

Pasta dinner!

Recently I've been cooking Japanese a lot for dinner. For sure I love Japanese rice, but I also love pasta!!! So I come up with a little autumn recipe for some delicious fusilli: leek, tomato and kabocha, with a few cumin seeds and plenty of olive oil. A perfect dinner before my evening meeting with... Continue Reading →

Autumn meal

I love when I get back to work a bit late (which is to be honest pretty much every day) to open my veggie drawer in the fridge and to find a whole set of fresh things just waiting to be prepared. What and how just naturally flow from my mind and in less than... Continue Reading →


Since my last trial of madeleines this summer I didn't had te time to get my molds and to try again, but now that days are really getting shorter and cooler the tea-time after gardening all afternoon requires a little complement and madeleines are perfect for that. So I went to buy some molds to... Continue Reading →

More deal!!!

Remember, last week our little old neighbor gave us some of her special ginger and goya preparation. Since I harvested to many persimmons (and there are still plenty to come) and I don't know what to do with all these, I gave her a few and then she came back with more of her special pickles... Continue Reading →

Ochanomizu-Akihabara revival

The west of Tokyo with it's big centers like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, Shimokitazawa... has been for long the most lively and trendy places of Tokyo, while the east was mere old areas attracting old people, sometimes falling appart or for the tourists: Asakusa, Ueno, Akihabara, Nihonbashi, Ginza... The area between Ochanomizu ad Akihabara, and... Continue Reading →

Macrobiotic dry curry

As I was mentioning earlier, we found close to our home in Ohara, a macrobiotic local kind of small community where they have a cafe and a tiny shop. We had lunch there and it was delicious, and after we went to check out the little shop and I found this book: "whole rice &... Continue Reading →

Another fig tart

Last week I made this super simple apple tart and I realized that with a good thin dough any fruit could just be a perfect match, nothing else but fruit, so I decided to try with figs this time. Usually fig tarts implies almond powder, a mixture of taste and texture, but figs are actually... Continue Reading →

Lotus root – 蓮根

As you may have noticed already I really love to cook lotus roots (renkon-蓮根) . They have a beautiful white color that goldens when cooked, a very crispy texture, a nice shape and a delicious taste. And practicaly they're super easy to peel and cut, and don't require a lot of cooking time. It's quite simple... Continue Reading →


You may remember that I gave away to my neighbors my gingko nuts because there were really too many.  So to thanks us our little 84 years old neighbor prepared us some nice Japanese traditional condiments and brang them to us timely just before lunch, so I just had to cook some rice. There were... Continue Reading →

Mushroom spread

Once I've made a delicious bread, I like to eat with different things and I really love vegan spreads because it's an easy way to prepare and keep veggies for a few days. I've had in mind making some mushroom spread for a long time now, but never did before. But the other day we... Continue Reading →

My first original recipe for bread

It's been some time now that I'm baking bread following thoroughly recipes from books, but this time I felt like I can change that and start thinking about my own mix and recipes without opening a book.  once you've learned the basic proportions and you know what kind of texture you need to achieve after... Continue Reading →

Persimmon jam

In Japan, persimmons are quite popular and common. Everywhere in the country at that season you can see their trees with little or no foliage, just magnificent orange fruits against the blue sky. And this year there are so many fruits on each tree that it is really amazing! There exist a few varieties from... Continue Reading →


Well, well, well, Friday evening after an other long day at work and a busy week, I was really happy to get back home, finish packing for the week-end and go and pick-up the car downstairs to leave.It was without counting on a little unexpected event: damned new car with tones of high tech sensors... Continue Reading →

The perfect pillows

I can fell asleep and nap pretty much anywhere, even at the dentist during a consultation, or during my pilates sole work out! Yet I'm very sensitive to sleeping quality, and it's gotten worst in the past tears with a constant lack of sleep. So finding the perfect sleeping gears has been quite difficult but... Continue Reading →

Left over diner

We had friends at home for diner the other night, and I over spec the diner portions, so, rare enough, I had enough left overs for a second diner. But because I don't like eating twice the same thing I arrange it in completely different maner.The original dinner consisted in plain white rice, Japanese autumn... Continue Reading →

Experimental tart

I was running out of flour and wanted to prepare a leek tart, so I made a little experiment for the dough and give a Japanese twist to my tart. I prepared the dough with rice flour (2/3) and soy flour (1/3), vegetal oil and soy sauce, and of course water. The mixture was incredibly... Continue Reading →

Rye baguette

It's been some time I haven't posted a simple bread recipe. Not that I haven't made any, on the contrary! But I made a lot of my classical breads: whole grains... Now that it's becoming chilly it's going to be difficult to control accurately the proving time. For this rye baguette for example the recommended... Continue Reading →

Gingko nuts rice

There are several ways to use gingko nuts in cuisine. The simplest is probably to grill them, for that you just beed to break the hard shell roughly, grilled them in a pan and serve with salt. It's the easiest because no need to remove the hard shell, everyone does while eating. Perfect as a... Continue Reading →

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