Cardamom and vanilla madeleines

I am still looking for the perfect madeleine recipe, so I have tried a new one. And because it's getting cold and I wanted something really sweet I opted for adding vanilla and cardamom to the madeleines and finished with a sugar frost where I added cinnamon.  Taste-wise the cardamom and vanilla is always amazing,... Continue Reading →

Macrobiotic Sunday lunch

Beautiful weather this Sunday morning, so we woke early and spend most of the morning in the garden cleaning and grooming shrubs, by the time we were hungry it was cloudy and chilly, so I decided to cook us a warm lunch and got once again inspiration from my macrobiotic recipe book. It's a simple... Continue Reading →


The donburi or one rice bowl is a very convenient alternative to one-plate, and I like the rice base lunch because it provides tons of good energy necessary to stay outside all day long, now that it's gotten colder. For this donburi I cooked plain white Japanese rice that I topped with sautéed purple sweet potato,... Continue Reading →

Sesame fougasse

Oil base breads are probably what I am best at and what I enjoy the most to knead. After I've through the classis foccacia, fougasses etc, I wanted to invent my own recipes. My first one is a sesame fougasse.  I used 250g of flour, 120g of water, 14g of sordough, 3g of dry natural... Continue Reading →

Purple salad

At the local farmers market I found this beautiful purple mizuna that I already used in a recipe Sunday. I love mizuna because it's fresh, crunchy and easy to prepare, and this purple one is particularly pretty. I also found some beautiful purple sweet potatoes (紫芋-murasaki imo) and decided to prepare a big salad for... Continue Reading →

Kabocha and mushrooms tart

An other tart with another composition, and another tart crust.This one is largely inspired by chef Georges Ennis (@chefgygglz) kale-nutternut-shiitake tart last week, but my recipe is much lighter, quicker and features no cheese (not that I wouldn't like, but my husband yes). I like very much the addition of the kabocha, first visually, then... Continue Reading →

Energy macrobiotic lunch

With chillier days we try to play tennis not in the morning anymore but in the afternoon, so before we go we need a good lunch full of energy. Inspired by the book of macrobiotic recipes, I came up with a nice one-bowl recipe using a base of brown rice, some seasonal sautéed veggies: kabocha,... Continue Reading →

Midnight dinner

There are days like that... When from morning to evening I have not even a minute break (literally), I swallow my lunch in one bite between two meetings and I finish the day my head spinning with things I still have to do and I may forget... So when finally home we take off to... Continue Reading →


The okonomiyaki is a preparation from the Kansai area. A straightforward translation of the work means "grill what you like", and it is well rendered with the profusion of recipes and variations. In the Kanto area the equivalent would be Monja-yaki, but what I prefer with okonomiyaki is the consistence of the crepe rather then... Continue Reading →

Wholewheat and seeds bread

As I told you, I back on baking breads and I am verry happy with the results I am obtaining, so I just don't follow any tecipe anymore and use my experience from all the bread I baked to create my own recipes, and I have plenty in mind!!! This time it's more a classic... Continue Reading →

Pear tart “bourdaloue”

It's been a long time I haven't made cake or tart. With all the nice pears in the grocery store, I wanted to make one for tea time.  You need a puff pastry, 4-5 nice pears. spread out the pastry, and put the pears cut in small dices. Mix 3 eggs with 3 spoon of brown... Continue Reading →

Gnocchi di zucca

I love Italy and Italian food and I'm very excited that we will spend xmas in Sicily and my birthday in Roma!!! So to get ready I working on my classics and some different variations, one I love particularly is gnocchi! So I made pumpkin gnocchi, or rather kabocha gnocchi! And because the skin of... Continue Reading →

Orange and chocolate sweet bread

For a rainy morning there is nothing better than a hot sweet bread just out of the oven. It's been some time since I haven't baked, but this rainy weekend was just the perfect moment to start again and go with some new originsl recipes. I also bought some new sourdough and natural yeast and... Continue Reading →

Buckwheat tart

Rainy and gloomy Saturday calls for a comforting tart for lunch: 100% buckwheat dough for the base, leek, oyster mushrooms, tofu for the garnish. Simple, tasty and warm, just what we needed! 

Saturday morning

After our long and busy week we were happy to go to the country and enjoy a peaceful week-end. After a nice breakfast, I decided to check my device and discovered a message from my old friend Debbie from the USA that was mentioning something that has happened in France which surprised me. I checked... Continue Reading →

Plain and simple

Well well well... I was hoping that this week would be slightly less busy than the previous but, we're Friday and it's not going to happen. Running from one meeting to an other, from a lecture to an other, to solving problems in the lab, and revising papers, preparing my next talk coming much too... Continue Reading →

Corn pasta and veggies

I discovered corn pasta some time ago and I really like them very much, this taste of polenta, the nice texture, and easy to accomodate with plenty of things. The yellow color also is really pretty. I buy some often, and the easiest to find in Japan are penne.I served them this time with fresh... Continue Reading →

Chestnut and porcini ravioli

While browsing my ravioli pictures and recipes I found one I invented last year and that was just magnificent: chesnut and porcini ravioli. I love chesnut flour for its sweet taste and delicate flavor and I find it perfect to cook everything, bread, cake, crepes, pancake, crust for tarts or ravioli pasta. It is perfect... Continue Reading →

Mushroom and chard millefeuille

No news from the TPS yesterday? Well, it seems that we've lost the connection with the Parisian sister... As for the Tokyoite sister I've been really busy with my day job, working late and whole Saturday spent at the university. I've had also a number of work dinners to attend. Hopefully yesterday we managed to... Continue Reading →

Adopt me!

Or how to be or not to be trapped by a stray cat with a lovely fur and a cute face... Indeed, it's been a few weeks this cat has been around our house (basically since we came back from France) but I thought it my have been some of our neighbors cat so I... Continue Reading →

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