This recipe is one of our mother recipe and is a traditional Provencal recipe using the leftovers of salted cod . After the cod has been unsalted and washed, just boiled it, then add milk and stir until the milk has been all absorbed by the fish. Add pepper and olive oil, stir again.  This... Continue Reading →

Kingfish with fennels, olives and capers

A Sicilian stay wouldn't be complete without a recipe involving capers and olives. The delicious Mediterranean olives and Sicilian cappers are perfect for many recipes. The market has decided for us that it will be a fish recipe: December is great for kingfish. So we first prepared a bouillon with one onion and two fennels... Continue Reading →


In Sicily it's easy to find delicious artichokes in December and fields covered with artichokes can be seen everywhere. They are little purple artichokes perfect for raggu and hot pot preparations. Delicious with onions, tomatoes... They are really easy to prepare, you just need to remove the outer leaves, cut the leaves at mid height... Continue Reading →

Fennel soup

Still enjoying some local Sicilian products, the fennels are, just like the cauliflowers a must of the season. Fennels are also found everywhere and are beautiful. For me in particular it's a feast because in Japan it's not easy to find fennels and they are usually small and not too good eaten raw. So I'm... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower soup

With all these beautiful green cauliflowers everywhere in town, sold at every shop, seen at every street corner, and in the fields, they seem to be one of Sicilian winter must eat! So it was impossible not to buy some and prepare something with. Our mother is really good with preparing soup and we prepared... Continue Reading →

Risotto with radichio and Italian sausage

Continuing our Sicilan food exploration, we bought in Castelvetrano some beautiful round radichio and decided to use it for a risotto. Cooking 6 hands now with the TPS and their mother, this recipe is really simple and delicious, always taking advantage of the quality of the ingredients. So, for that recipe for 8 people we... Continue Reading →


Here we are in Sicily and the first dinner I cooked for the family wath plain gnocchi. We've found these beautiful potatoes in Menfi and some greens (something they said was between spinach and rucolla) so it was just simply boil and mixed with some olive oil. Of course served with some delicious Parmegiano. It... Continue Reading →

The TPS in Menfi, Sicily

On Saturday the Tokyo-Paris sisters flew to Roma and then straight to Palermo where they are spending some time with their families in a big villa in the south of Sicily, in Menfi. The weather is amazing, the landscape is just as expected, and so are the people. The Mediterranean sea is beautiful and swimming... Continue Reading →

Late after-work dinner

This week is the last one before flying to Italy, so there's quite a number of things I want to finish to be sure that I'm leaving with everything sorted out. Days at the lab have been extremely long and busy juggling with meeting, students, lectures and administrative work. So when back home I want... Continue Reading →

Flounder and spinach

Most of our diet is made of simply delicious fresh organic products and mainly local. My recipes are usually trying to take the best of these ingredients while being everyday cooking recipes, so something that can be prepared in less than 15min and ready to eat in less than 30min. The other thing is that... Continue Reading →

Baking bread again!

I've the impression that I haven't baked bread too often recently, and I was happy to kneal again this weekend. Because I wanted both a bread for breakfast and to accompany our lunch I decided to prepare a half-half rye-white flour. I ise now a pretty simple and standard procedure for my bread: 250g of... Continue Reading →

Mushrooms, yuzu pasta

Sorry for this little break from TPS. Work has been really busy in the past weeks, often coming back home pretty late and I've also had some end of the year parties, and dinner out with friends, so these last days have been pretty low on cooking. I'm happy to spend the weekend in the... Continue Reading →

Improvised dinner

Having always a fridge ready with fresh veggies is just perfect when you want to prepare an improvised dinner for a friend stopping by. I had in mind two menus after checking its contents, a vegan-mexican or a Japanese one-plate dinner. Vote has decided for Japanese and so it was a simple rice with katsuobushi... Continue Reading →

Red cabbage salad

Nothing here too experimental with this recipe, but I've been craving for red cabbage salad. And it makes a perfect Monday fix for dinner when I'm in a rush. So I just sliced thinly about 1/4 or less of red cabbage, added some fresh baby leaf salad or just a few leaves of salad and fresh... Continue Reading →

Quinoa and autumn veggies

Autumn, winter, autumn, winter... day after day the temperature are one day high one day low, and I have a hard time deciding what to cook. I don't want to start already to cook tuch winter stuff because I know it's long before spring and the new veggies, and though I love cabbage, and turnips... Continue Reading →

Mapple butter

Beautiful Saturday morning, blue sky, big Mount Fuji covered in snow, it could have been a perfect day if only I were not obliged to spend the best of the day stuck inside doing my duty as department secretary. One beautiful day lost is nothing you can make up for. ..At least to cheer me this... Continue Reading →

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