An unexpected finding

Rainy Saturday calls for a drive to some antiques and old stuff shop or kottoyasan (骨董屋さん) in Japanese. There are not too many but the one from the country are usually much better than in the city and much cheaper. We usually go to one we like in Otaki and where I've found many treasures,... Continue Reading →

Gnocchi & romanesco

When comes the end of the week (Thursday or Friday) our resources shopped the previous weekend in the country are almost all gone and only a few things remain. This week it was the case gor the romanesco. So beautiful but we had other things to eat first. So easy to prepare that it's always... Continue Reading →

Hot soup for rainy day

The weather forecast is not making me too happy: rain, rain, rain for the next 3 days. No tennis, no gardening, no walking out. Being indoor is kind of making me sad... So to cheer up the rainy mood a good vegan soup with fresh veggies and plenty of lentils, barley and beans is just... Continue Reading →

Setting priorities

Recently I found this urgent need to prioritize both at work and at home to get the best of my time. I don't know if it's specific to my job, or to being in Japan where working long hours is common yet with poor productivity, but I feel inefficient. At work it's quite difficult to... Continue Reading →

Making (good) cooking mistakes

With beautiful spinaches in the fridge I was wondering what to do with and decided that I should use this pack of flour I had bought in Tsunan this summer. Of buckwheat floor right? Buckwheat and spinaches are really a good match! So let's make a thin crust and add the spinaches with some eggs.... Continue Reading →

Chickpeas and cauliflower curry

Recently I've spent quite some time browsing my new cookbooks to ffind some inspiration and this time it comes from the "Encyclopédie de la cuisine végétarienne". This book is really resourceful not just for receipes but also for a lot of techniques to prepare veggies or cereals, so I will come back to it quite... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon buns

Last weekend, to change a bit from French bread and pastries I decided to try a recipe from my new Nordic cookbook and tried some cinnamon buns. As a first try, I didn't know exactly what it would look like but I found the quantities quite unbalanced and in particular too much yeast, so I... Continue Reading →

One-bowl of energy

Saturday, it's cold and one of the stray cat in the garden has woken us quite early this morning. Damned stray cat (not our little Pablo, a different one)! So after playing tennis 2 hours in the cold we needed a lunch full of energy and tasty. So I boiled some spelt and served it with... Continue Reading →

Mexican inspiration

It's cold in the evening and I am glad the week is almost finished, I can only look forward the days to come in the country with some discussions for the reform of the bathroom! So to cheer us up for the last draw I prepared a colorful plate with plenty of yummy fresh veggies.... Continue Reading →

Curry mochi

Because fresh rice cakes, or mochi 餅  come in a bundle of 6, I had some to eat so I decided to experiment a little with a vegan curry not served with rice, but with grilled mochi. Something in between a nan and rice! And it worked super well!!! So here's what I did: in... Continue Reading →

Cod & spinach version 2

When I find a seasonal combination I like, it is not rare that I test it in several bariations and versions. Right now there is some nice cod and plenty of Japanese spinaches, and I particularly like the two together, so after the wet risotto I tried a butter grilled cod with spinach and oat bran... Continue Reading →


Sometimes all these happen: you have a tough day at work, you want to cry it out and prepare a lovely post (yes, for you guys!) when the squarespace app crashes before you've saved this beautiful coconut pyramids recipe, the only thing that remains to do is to say "sorry guys, I'm going home and... Continue Reading →

2 versions for the same veggies base

This weekend I tried quite a few new recipes, mainly for breakfast and teatime and we spent quite some time outside in the garden preparing for spring: there's still loads of fallen leaves, and trees to trim... So when it comes to a meal, something warm and energetic was really important. I had a piece... Continue Reading →

Colorful winter plate

It's incredible the sudden change in temperature and weather, one day is winter, one day spring. Some of the plum trees in the garden ate already starting to bloom which is incredibly early. So for the food it's one meal winter one meal spring and a colorful is always welcome and with a beautiful red... Continue Reading →

New cookbooks

For Christmas I had a few new cookbooks from Europe that I am now reading (yes, they are this kind of cookbooks that you read) before trying any of the recipes. The first one is a vegetarian encyclopedia cookbook in French with a lot of inspiration to take such as quinoa soup. As the name... Continue Reading →

Spinach risotto and cod

As expected, it is now getting cold in Tokyo and the real winter is here. Nothing better to get warm than a kind of thick ice soup or wet risotto with veggies and fresh cod.In a pan greased with olive oil, first grill the rice (arborio or carnoli), then cover twice with some veggie consome... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower soup x katsuobushi

Too happy with the mix cauliflower and katsuobushi in the tart the other day that I decided to try it in an other version: a warm soup for a cold evening. And the magic worked again!  It's crazily simple and delicious: boil a cauliflower (I just removed the green leaves, washed it and boiled it all... Continue Reading →

3 types of cabbage tart

At the local farmers market the other day I found beautiful cauliflower, romanesco and broccoli. Having all them together I couldn't help but cook something mixing it. I love the idea of having ingredients close in shape but different in taste and color, and the first idea that I had was to make a tart... Continue Reading →

Miso-parsley-pork meat balls

Nothing better than a one-bowl meal for a perfect lunch. Donburi are really easy to prepare in endless seasonal variations, with meat, fish or vegan, with white rice, brown rice, a mox of grains... For this one I used plain white rice, seasonal veggies: turnips, carrots and shiitake, and prepare miso meat balls. For that I... Continue Reading →

Ha-uta concert 端唄

Every year (but last year) there is a big event organized by my husband shamisen's teacher where a lot of people from the traditional Japanese entertainment business and their apprentice and students join. The event is centered on ha-uta (端唄), a type of Japanese singing from the late 19th early 20th, where is added some... Continue Reading →

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