Croquettes and bonito

I really love cereals and grains but I don't cook some often enough because usually their cooking is too long for my short cooking time and it's often difficult for me to plan long ahead. So when I have time to, I can try some new ideas and recipes. Inspired by a picture in one... Continue Reading →

Marmalade and muffins

The other day seeing the natsumikan trees plowing under the weight of their fruits I decided we needed to harvest them. Our garden is an intricate mess of trees and access to all the fruits was not possible, hopefully the birds will eat some (though with the thick skin it's not one of the birds... Continue Reading →

Weekend one-plate

Sunny weekend, fresh food from the market and the beginning of spring vegetables: na no hana. So I prepared a simple one plate with white and green rice, boiled daikon in dashi with yuzu miso, boiled na no hana in dashi with soya sauce and katsuobushi, grilled fresh bonito, and some little radish. All simple... Continue Reading →

Shojin cuisine – 精進料理

I love kaiseki cuisine (懐石料理) and in particular cha-kaiseki (茶懐石). I've learned it for a year and it helped me a lot understand Japanese cuisine and cooking, it also helped me to train my palate. But what I really troubles with kaiseki because it includes quite a lot of raw fish, shellfish, fish eggs etc...... Continue Reading →

Oups! I made some ravioli again!

"Yahhari"  as we say in Japanese, I made some ravioli again! We love ravioli so much I could have some every day! This time spinach ricotta with some spinach in the pasta for a green finish. I just over-steamed some spinach and add some off the green leaves in the dough. For the filling chopped... Continue Reading →


Ashitaba are in season and this little green is delicious with grilled pork, and nothing easier then puttibg the mix on top of rice and add some sesame. I just cut in little pieces thin slices of pork cutlet from which I remove all the fat. Then add the ashitaba chopped. Cook everything in a... Continue Reading →

Breakfast time

When we were in Karuizawa, they would serve delicious scrambled eggs for breakfast, so this morning when I asked A. What he wanted to eat he asked for creamy scrambled eggs to accompany the dried tomatoes fougasse I was making. Perfect since I just bought fresh eggs. For the fougasse I used my classic recipe,... Continue Reading →

Winter→Spring salad

One day warm, one day cold, it's hard to know which season we are, already spring or still winter? So for the food it's the same, I crave for new veggies one day, the other I dream of hot soup and hot veggies pot. To solve this problem I prepared a salad with hot boiled... Continue Reading →

A little Japanese dinner

I love Japanese food but because it always requires several preparation steps: preparing a good dashi, marinating ingredients, multiple cooking... It is rare I prepare a genuine Japanese dinner, unless it is some donburi, like veggies on rice etc... But I really like cooking Japanese and with a bit of organization in 30min it is... Continue Reading →


Because sometime all you want is plain sautéed fresh veggies, and it's so simple and so delicious that you wonder why it's not what is on the menu everyday!!!!

Lucky day!

Yesterday my undergraduate students presented their research in the department and this marked the end on the year since masters already presented last week. I was particularly pleased with my students, their research results and the way I can see how much they improved their hard and soft skills during their stay in the lab.... Continue Reading →

Valentine drive in Tokyo ;)

View of Tokyo bay from the dino bridge   After a rainy and windy morning.  The sun finally showed up, it was incredibly warm, so we decided to go for a (Valentine) drive ;). You know like they do in the Japanese drama... Ahahah! Except that ours was a little twisted, we always love to visit... Continue Reading →


We wanted to go to Hakuba for a long snowboarding weekend but didn't manage to get a room at our favorite hotel: la neige Higashikan, so we decided to go to Karuizawa. Karuizawa is not well known for being a ski resort but rather a summer getaway to get a bit of fresh air and... Continue Reading →

Short but intense week

Yup!! Today is the last of the week for me!!  But squeezing in a whole week of work in 3 days is quite a challenge. Plus this is the end of the year for students in Japan and that means a lot of thesis reading, preparation for presentations and grading. So from 8:00 to 22:00... Continue Reading →

Just because I love them so much!!

Saturday ravioli, Sunday ravioli, this week end I've been cooking quite a lot of things but never so many ravioli. I must say that now I'm really well equipped to prepare some and it's so much easier that's a real pleasure!!! And since our little neighbor gave us a bag of shiitake, for a bag... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash ravioli

This butternut squash was definitely a good source of inspiration for making new recipes, and the last thing I tried with it was ravioli, I really have a thing for ravioli. And that was awesome! For the pasta I used the same recipe as last time, and rolled it with my pasta machine. For the... Continue Reading →

Saturday one-bowl lunch

I've heard often that when I was a kid I wouldn't eat nor sleep. I remember very well not sleeping and that's why I had my first robot: robby, a robot that would lit up when, scared I would wake up and cry for someone. Robby would also play with me. My first robot was... Continue Reading →

A warming one-plate dinner

When Thursday and Friday arrive, usually the fridge is getting empty of fresh veggies, but this week since we had some guests for dinner I bought more than usual last weekend to have a wide choice of possible menu, and so there's still a few deliciously fresh veggies wauting to be cooked. In particular it's... Continue Reading →

Rice – お米

In Japan finding deliciouss Japanese rice to cook is not difficult, it's like finding bread in France or pasta in Italy. Yet finding organic rice or at least non chemical rice is not so easy. There are only few places I know in Tokyo where to find some for sure and the one usually sold... Continue Reading →

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