Radish top soup

Super fresh radish with beautiful green tops call for a simple vegan soup, simply boiling and then blending the tops in water, adding salt pepper and soya milk. Ready and delicious. 


We have friends from Germany visiting us and they've bring some nice cheese, so I've baked quite a lot and bigger breads than usual. This one is a big loaf of half campagne with poppy and flax seeds, perfect for breakfast with cheese.


Instead of the traditional strawberry tart for A.'s birthday, I decided to make choux. It's not something I'm very found of because ot often goes with cream or filling Idon't like too much, but A. likes them very much. It's actually very simple to make and with just an ice-sugar frosting it's really delicious. It... Continue Reading →

Tex-Mex quiche

I know that sounds a bit odd but the recipe of this quiche uses influences from western tex-mex cuisine. I first used corn flour for the dough, mixed with half white flour. Then for the base I used 3 eggs and a block of firm tofu, 1 capiscum (paprika) diced and 1 tomato; and some... Continue Reading →

Tribute to our grand mother’s mironton

Our grand mother was doing magic with left overs of meat, in particular porc filet. It would be used in the filling for stuffed vegetables, in cannelloni, or hachis parmentier for exemple. But she would also use them for "mironton". Her mironton was just simple: onion, potatoes and chuncks of pork meat fried in oil... Continue Reading →


I always buy pork from Isumi when possible, for it is really tender and soft. My preference: pork belly (豚バラ - butabara) for the taste (but I only eat it when it's ultra cooked and the fat has melted, and it's all crispy) and pork filet (ヒレ - hire) because there is no fat and... Continue Reading →

Apple, vanilla and cinnamon cookies

I love to eat freshly baked and still warm bread, pancakes, brioche or whatever for breakfast, but it is unfortunately not possible every morning. So sometimes I bake in the evening so that we have something ready in the morning. And for that tarts, cakes and cookies are the best. I love the classic mix... Continue Reading →

One plate lunch

Despite being officially spring, this weekend has been rather cloudy and chilly so I wanted to prepare a warm dish for lunch,  I first boiled some green lentils, added with a few coral lentils too hoping the color will sustain, but it vanished in the green (learn your lesson, better boil them separately). Then I... Continue Reading →

Quinoa soup

What if suddenly the temperature drops again and it feels like winter again?Nothing as simple as a making a quinoa soup! I've spotted the recipe the very first time I was browsing my vegetarian cookbook received for Xmas, and didn't had a chance to make it before: no quinoa, not the proper veggies, to warm...... Continue Reading →

Cooking and baking, yes!

Finally the weekend, almost done with my administrative duties at the university, and also done with two crazy weeks of dining out. So the first thing we did when we arrived in Ohara was to rush to the local farmers market to shop fresh food, then I started baking and cooking!! Hurray!!  Baking a big bread... Continue Reading →

No cooking or so little

This week I 've had only one dinner home, all the other nights I've had business related dinners, and when it's the case I always try to prepare something for A.. Something he likes and that can prepared in advance. A. likes sausages which are not really a favorite of mine, so I cooked some... Continue Reading →

Still playing winter-spring

After a gloomy week of rain and cold weather, now the sun is back for a few days and the temperature gently increases during the day, spring veggies and wild sprouts are more and more present on the market, while classic veggies like mushrooms and spring cabbages are also taking a large part of the... Continue Reading →

My cooking process

It's always the same. There are weeks when we are just busy and then there are weeks when we are busy and we have friends visiting in Tokyo, colleagues from abroad, party and outing with work all at the same time. This means a lot of dining out and much less sleep than usual and... Continue Reading →

About plating

Cooking is about ingredients, taste and visual for me, yet plating is still an art that I don't masterize at all. There are few reasons that can explain that, yet I would like to improve my skills. The reasons why my plating is sloppy are simple: First TIME, 99% of the meal I cook are... Continue Reading →

Dinner fix

Anytime I go to my pilates class I come back late and starving, so I need to fix us a dinner super quickly, and doesn't require to much attendance to have time to do all I have to in the mean time. Psta are great for that: once they're in the boiling water you are... Continue Reading →


With the temperature increasing slightly it's becoming much easier for me to make breads. Normal people living in normal houses don't have this kind of problem of course, but if your house is a Japanese traditional old house made roughthly of paper, that matters! Now I can knead and I know the result is gonna... Continue Reading →

One-plate salad

This morning the farmers market showed me once again that it is not clear which season we're in!!! The transition seems to take an unusually long time and daikon and cabbages were lined together with strawberries and new wasabi leaves. It gave me the idea to prepare us a warm/cold salad with warm green lentils... Continue Reading →

Little breads for breakfast

There is nothing as such as a good breakfast, prepared just in time and served just when it's done. In particular, I can't help but love bread that is just out from the oven, with a good cup of a hot drink and a fresh fruit (from the garden any time it's possible). It makes... Continue Reading →

Plum jelly – 梅羊羹

It is extremely rare I cook something sweet for dessert, or I cook dessert at all. Unless we have guests for dinner our meals end sometimes with a fruit, sometimes a yogurt but most often with just a little piece of chocolate. In the trading with our neighbor, fruits from our garden in exchange whatever... Continue Reading →

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