Spring veggies quiche

Too happy with last week Japanese style quiche I've continued for our guests this week with a spring version. I've made the dough with buckwheat flour which makes it really crispy and for the veggies I used new onion, broad beans, snap peas and broccoli.

An other brown rice bowl

Every year the week before the golden week is always crazy. Indeed it's the season for research reports, the lectures have take. A steady pace and the students start to have many questions about their research. So before the long break it is slways crazy and days are too short to squeeze in all I... Continue Reading →

Simple one-bowl dinner

Since we've had guests for dinner several times last week, I've decided we would start the week fresh and light with a bowl of brown rice topped with baby spinach, avocado, sunflower seeds and grilled mackerel. A bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and ready to eat. Have a nice week! 


Guests for dinner at home twice in a raw and working each day until late, I needed something delicious, simple to accomodate with fruits... and that can be prepared in advance.I invented this recipe of little bites sable with neroli, that feels like eating navettes marseillaises. Just flour, butter, egg, brown sugar and plenty of... Continue Reading →

Japanese quiche

When the quiche lirraine meets Japanese ingredients it gives that:  The dough is made with plain white flower and olive oil, black pepper and soya sauce. The filling is made of seasonal vegetables: paprika, lotus root, tomato, green peas, broccoli, and an egg and cream base with plenty if katsuobushi and soya sauce again. A... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower risotto

Though I love risotto and I cook some often, I don't post recipes as often as I would like just because I really fond it hard to photograph. I already mentioned that before, I've tried several techniques but I am not often satisfied with the results. In particular because I cook chiefly for dinner and... Continue Reading →

Vegan donburi

When we have friends from Europe visiting I cook a lot more Japanese and every time we realize how much it is delicious, so for the two of us I've been cooking Japanese more often, in particular a lot of rice and donburi. This one is a very simple recipe that takes only a few... Continue Reading →

Greens part 2

Cold  version of the greens with raw zucchini, almost raw asparagus and snap peas, little radish, avocado and purple cabbage sprouts, a bit of Sicilian olive oil, and additional on the side grilled bonito. Fresh and delicious recipe perfect both for lunch or dinner.

Greens part 1

The farmers market was full of greens, of all sorts, leafy, flowery, sprouty... And we couldn't resist... So now the fridge is full of fresh greens to be eaten, and it's good because I working next Saturday and won't be able to refill, plus we have guests for dinner Friday evening.  I particularly was happy... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoot in kinome pesto

And here is the second recipe with bamboo shoots, the one that I really wanted to try. It is inspired from a dish we had at Daigo in February and since then I've been thinking/dreaming of it. It's a very Japanese dish with taste of spring. It requires some fresh bamboo shoot boiled and cooled... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoot in red miso soup

Spring means greens, but also fresh bamboo shoots. Fresh bamboo is so delicious that I never miss the season and always prepare some. This year I have several ideas of recipe I wanted to try with bamboo shoots, so there might be a dew posts using bamboo shoots. The first one is a red miso... Continue Reading →

Spring donburi

Simple to prepare, all served at once, colorful and super delicious, I wonder why I don't prepare some more often! With fresh green peas and snap peas, a bit of pork from Isumi and some Koshiikari from Isumi too, nothing much simple than preparing a delicious spring donburi. For the seasonning just a few drops... Continue Reading →

Vegan pizza

Rucola instaneously makes feel like eating a pizza, so I prepared a dough and a vegan pizza with just one fresh new onion, 3 fresh tomatoes and plenty of fresh little rucola. A slightly different version of last year vegan, the new onions bringing some creamy texture, perfect with the crisp of the fough. (http://www.tokyoparissisters.com/4hands/2015/4/27/yudgf7c5merf96p9hv0l2f4ajirwid),... Continue Reading →

Isumi pork 🐷 → Isumi ham

The city of Isumi has a special pork meat called Isumi pork (いすみ豚), what is special about it I can't really say now but it is for sure delicious, very tender and juicy. But since they grow pork in the area, we were thinking it's really a pity they don't make ham (it's really hard... Continue Reading →

Saturday in the country

Back to our country house after two weeks, back to our cats and our garden and my kitchen!!! This morning I boiled some lentil to accomodate with whatever I would find at the market. And it was ice-plant and brocoli sprouts for a big salad, together with fresh snapper just grilled and a bit of... Continue Reading →

An other dinner at home

What to cook for your friends visiting Japan when you are back from work past 21:00 and everyone is starving? A soba salad with spring veggies of course!!! Spring veggies: asparagus, snap peas, green peas, are very easy to prepare and require very little cooking, just blanching them for 2min. Soba are also quick to... Continue Reading →

Improvised dinner for friends

Our friends visiting from Germany spent the weekend with us in Tokyo with daytime busy visiting the city, museums, flea markets, and kabuki, trying some nice cafes too, and evening at home, I've cooked for them Japanese as much as possible but not only, in particular for an improvised late dinner at home after a... Continue Reading →

A new delicious combination

We were supposed to have friends for dinner last night but A. had a strike of dust/pollen alergy and we had to cancel. I really to cancel invitations but sometimes it really can't be helped. Instead of a fancy dinner I wanted to prepare something simple and tasty but I really wanted to use my... Continue Reading →

Asparagus risotto

Yes! Spring is here for sure and aspargus start to be seen on the market stands. Nothing simpler and more classic then an asparagus risotto, and still so delicious, I never miss to make one. I used a new onion for the base, for sweetness and melty texture, that I chopped roughly and slightly cook... Continue Reading →

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