New plates and colorful one-plate

You may have noticed that new plates have suddenly appeared since Saturday. Watching to many beautiful plates on IG I thought it was high time to renew our plates, to offer different plating options. After looking for quite some time and not being able to find exactly what I wanted I finally opted for simple... Continue Reading →

Baking bread!

I didn't really bake for a few weeks and I really missed it. Kneading is a such a relaxing and nice moment that is like a ritual. The promise of delicious breakfast on top of that. I didn't bake but I had a chance to get some nice wheat bran and oat bran so I... Continue Reading →

Asparagus and herbs ravioli

It's been weeks I wanted to make ravioli and I totally felt in love with the IG picture of Zucchero e zenzero's ricotta and asparagus ravioli just before the golden week. The events during and after the golden week being what they've been I didn't had a chance to make ravioli until last night, and... Continue Reading →

Back to normal… Socca lunch

Hectic weeks, busy week ends, when we arrived in Ohara last night it felt like we haven't come for months. Everything in the garden has grown tremendously high and green, no cat was waiting for us... Of course H. came today but we are more a food supply than anything else so far... There is... Continue Reading →

When A. is out

There are weeks like this week when we have westerners visiting for work as I was mentioning yesterday. This week actually both I and A. do have visitors and this means a lot of eating out, and usually working late (the regular work still has to be done, right?), so when the opportunity after a... Continue Reading →

Shojin cuisine and cooking class

There aren't too many places were you can eat vegan food in Tokyo, but recently the number of vegan cafe and vegan restaurants has dramatically increased and we've been trying quite a few. Yet to enjoy Shojin cuisine, there are still very few places. There is the most famous Daigo we went to last February, that... Continue Reading →

Summer plate

The very first days of sudden hot weather always make me happy but I have a hard time adjusting with the temperature and never know what are the proper clothing. I feel kind of feverish without being sick. When this happens I like super simple a freshfood, eating melon and grapes a lot, and preparing... Continue Reading →

Cherry clafoutis 🍒

We unusually spent the weekend in Tokyo because A. promised his shamisen group to play with them at a volunteer concert in an old folks day care. And I had to go and sing too!!! I like these concerts because giving a bit of our time for these people, it's always a nice. Though it... Continue Reading →

Snap peas and onion risotto

We are slowly going towards the rainy season and it's getting towards the end of the season for spring vegetables in Tokyo area, soon we will have melon, zucchini, okras... But before it ends really let's enjoy some more spring greens!!! Snap peas are very easy to cook, they just need to be blanched, and... Continue Reading →

Quinoa salad

Nothing too fancy here but just a very simple fresh recipe that is very rapid to prepare, colorful and tasty. Perfect when the weather is warm and nice as it was yesterday. I just boil quinoa, rince it in cold water and drain it well, add the fresh vegetables I have available, here a cucumber... Continue Reading →

Having fun with broad beans

I had a few broad beans left and had this idea of making soup with them, so I boiled them, peeled them and blend them and instead of water I used some cream. What happened is that it became a broad bean whipped cream! Oh oh! What a nice thing! So I really made broad... Continue Reading →

One plate

Gloomy, rainy chilly day... What best then a warming plate in front of you? With little turnips, pork fillet and quinoa, simply cooked in a pot, here is a very healthy and nourishing meal. In a little bit of olive oil I simply put the pork filet in a cocotte and cooked under cover. When... Continue Reading →

Tomato and broad beans in broth

In Isumi they grow tomatoes that are super delicious and can easily compete with Mediterranean tomatoes. They just start to be in season and they are perfect for any kind of preparations, raw, cooked, grilled because they are well ripen, sweet and juicy. One thing I love to do with this tomatoes is to peel them... Continue Reading →

Comfort food: cacao madeleines

I consider most of what I cook as comfort food because I only cook what we love and we indulge in some delicious breakfast everyday. But today I needed something special for tea, something sweet and warm, because the weather was chilly, because we had a short night and a long day, because I was... Continue Reading →

Quick dinner fix

I left work earlier than usual on Friday to have time to boil some potatoes and prepare our bags for the weekend because I knew that once we would arrive in Ohara we will be more busy with the kittens than actually thinking of having dinner!! And it was so true!!! First I had to... Continue Reading →

Red miso – 赤味噌

When the weather gets warmer the delicious little cucumbers are back and they are the perfect food to snack while waiting for dinner. I usually just wash them and cut them in sticks, but when I want a little extra I like to prepare a miso paste. There are different types of miso of course... Continue Reading →

Deconstructed frittata

I am really in love with this whole wheat pasta and in particular penne that can be found super easily in any good supermarket in Tokyo. This time it's deconstructed frittata style for two with already cooked pasta, one new onion, one capsicum, three eggs all cooked in a greased pan, and a handful of... Continue Reading →

Spring energy

With super fresh green beans and broad beans it is really easy to prepare anything. They just need to be blanched and can be eaten with everything: risotto, pasta, quinoa... I prepared some quinoa the other day, so today it is whole wheat penne. A bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, and you have... Continue Reading →

Magic friends

What I thought was a crazy thing Saturday turned out to be an incredible experience. In less than 48h we have found more loving houses for our orphan kittens than we can actually satisfy! Thanks to some magic friends our kittens are living a happy life in our bathroom in the country, while we work... Continue Reading →

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