Umeboshi – 梅干し

The best way to enjoy umeboshi is with simple plain white rice in my opinion. Since I got a big pot of freshly made little shiso umeboshi from our neighbor  (mine are big plums without shiso), I really wanted to try them. I prepared simple white rice, and to make it a dinner I added... Continue Reading →

Yellow everything

Sometimes things are just like that: in the fridge there is a yellow zucchini a yellow capsicum, new carrots and eggs and the first things that comes to mind with this chilly grey weather is curry-rice. In the end it gives a all yellow everything plate.  Simply delicious and tasty, but very well presented I... Continue Reading →


It's a fact rare enough to be mentioned: I've cooked shrimps!!! Indeed it is awfully rare that I cook shrimps: 1. Because it's not so easy to find wild shrimps; 2. Because I prefer them without head, don't you think too these giant eyes are kind of weird? 3. It smells quite strong after... Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Bayberry – 山桃

We have a bayberry tree in our garden. At first it was so much fighting with the surrounding trees it was small and not giving really fruits but now that we've trimmed trees around and at the foot remove all the weed and tiny bamboos it's growing quite quickly and this year it is giving... Continue Reading →

Aman Tokyo

What a nice experience to stay in a beautiful hotel in your own city! Last time we did that was for our wedding almost 10 years ago, when the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo was still brand new and we hold our casual party in the same building. Since then none of the new hotels in Tokyo... Continue Reading →


A. asked for croissants for breakfast last weekend and I really wanted to try making some again after my last trials that were so so. Indeed I tried twice before to make croissant and if there was always something to complain about. For my first trial they had the consistency and taste of brioche, delicious... Continue Reading →

Simmered plums

When I harvested the garden plums I had in mind to try one recipe of simmered plum from my Shojin cuisine book. So I kept 6 of the largest and greenest plums for that recipe. But busy with other things I didn't prepare them right away and the plum have turned from green to a... Continue Reading →

Salmon soup

With the leftovers of the salmon filet and the Swiss chard I prepared a soup for our dinner tonight. Simply by boiling some little pasta (some Sicilian pasta for soup I had left from our trip to Italy last December) in salted water and adding the cooked fish and Swiss chard 3minutes before serving. Added... Continue Reading →

Nordic inspiration

This winter I talked a little about the cooking books I got for Christmas and I tried several recipes from them. I also use them as source of inspiration. Recently I was attracted by the Nordic cookbook and in particular by salmon recipes. I wanted to prepared cured salmon. So finally I bought a nice... Continue Reading →

Okara croquettes

While in search for new recipes and tastes to change my routine cooking  I'm testing cooking ideas, one at a time. Some very simple like these okara croquettes served simply with pickled vegetables (nukatsuke) and rice. The recipe for the croquettes is just so simple: I mix one egg with half a little bag of... Continue Reading →

Shojin cuisine inspiration

Since I got my Shojin cuisine book I only tried one recipe but many others are really simple and delicious. So I've decided to try (and slightly adapt) two other recipes. One is a classic, the otherone is rather new for me. But even the classic I gave it a little twist. I really love... Continue Reading →

Red cabbage salad Japanese style

A red cabbage is a pretty big thing to eat for two and I'm trying to find new recipes that change from my usual ones. Recently I'm searching new ideas to change from my routine cooking, not that I don't like what I cook but it's became somehow too easy. Of course I don't necessarily... Continue Reading →

Lunch in the office

It's been 7 years or so I haven't had steady lectures in the very first time slot, which makes me wake up really early. I'm not really an early morning person and because it's only once a week it doesn't really break my rythm, just makes it a long long day at work. So I've... Continue Reading →

25year old umeboshi

I must say that when our neighbor told me she would give me some 25year old umeboshi, like if it were a very special gift, I was a bit suspicious. Who keeps food for that long? I mean we can keep alcohol but pickles? Then I did my homework and found out that 100 year... Continue Reading →

Pre-talk lunch

During the winter I didn't give many talks and plenty of new results came in, so when I was invited two weeks ago to Kyushu Institute of Technology and today to Tokyo Institute of Technology to give talks I wanted to include plenty of our new material and shape new talks. When I work on... Continue Reading →

Rainy season – 梅雨

梅雨 literally the plum rain is the perfect word for the Japanese rainy season. In June it's getting hot and humid and this is the season for harvesting plums. So everywhere it's about ume-everything: umeshu, umeboshi, ume jam... We have several plum trees in the garden producing every year dozens of kilos of fruits. Unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Saturday lunch

Tonight we had the I. For dinner. It was a dinner to thank them for all they are doing to help us with the house, and in particular with the cats and the kittens. I wanted to cook for them French familial food, things that they wouldn't have in restaurants. And the market was perfectly... Continue Reading →

Back to the basics

There is one thing I like but almost never cook because it takes to long to prepare for most of my evenings, and I don't have the special gear required to make it look really good: it's Japanese dashi-rolled omelette だし卵焼き(dashitamagoyaki). The preparation is really easy it's just that to roll it correctly you need... Continue Reading →

Coconut oil curry

I am not too much in food trends and I am not too keen in trying new fashionable products. I see them on the shelves of super market: hemp, egoma... but never or rarely buy any. Three months ago when our friends from Germany visited us and we went food shopping for organic rice and... Continue Reading →

And a last one!

Yup! I'm done with this grant application and with many other things that were bothering me and keeping me too busy at work. So here is the last one-plate of this series, the last just before finishing the grant things. From tomorrow I will be back to some more elaborate cooking and trsting new products... Continue Reading →

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