Off again

Not even two weeks after coming back from France I'm about to fly the other way around to the Midwest: first a few days in Chicago and then 2 weeks in Waterloo. A long hotel stay ahead, probably a lot of swimming but very little cooking unless I hack my friends and colleagues kitchen in... Continue Reading →

Getting ready!

On August 20th I will cook for the final of a cooking contest. It's my first cooking contest and I have clue how it works. For me cooking is quite an intimate experience, I usually cook alone and enjoy it very much, so cooking in front of people is going to be a fun challenge!!!... Continue Reading →

Umeboshi, you really disappoint me!

I was super excited last winter when our old neighbor (I call her Obachan) told me she will teach me how to make umeboshi. I love ume and delicious organic umeboshi ate always welcome with a simple bowl of rice. I was even more enthusiastic after she gave us some of her umeboshi, thinking that... Continue Reading →

Summer vegetable soup

The summer is chilly so far and the rainy season is surprisingly not yet finished. It is very nice to eat a warm dinner at night and summer vegetables soup is always a good pick. Ready in less than 15min, full of delicious vegetables, warm and tasty with infinite variety, it is really easy to... Continue Reading →

Kaya cookies

Still with this coconut milk! It's incredible how much you can try with just a can! I've had some nice tries and some that just didn't work as they were supposed: coconut milk salted caramels. That's how I ended up with a sort of kaya instead of the caramels. Delicious, addictive... My kaya is basically... Continue Reading →

Coconut milk and spices scones

Once the coconut can is opened, better use it! It's really rare I use canned food but for coconut milk it is really nice (and for chick peas). The milk is really rich and creamy. So after I used a few for the curry I've been cooking with it a little bit. And first thing... Continue Reading →

Vegan coconut milk curry

Yes I know, the picture is not the most pleasant, but really taking pictures of risotto and curry is not an easy task! But both are super delicious! Since yesterday I had this recipe in mind and just tried it: perfect for our palates that don't like spicy-hot food. It starts with simple brown rice,... Continue Reading →


The last days have been so chilly and rainy that it looks like the end of summer already, but not in Tokyo in Paris... And it calls for some nice warm dinner. I found some beautiful pieces of Spanish mackerel and I simply grilled them skin side without any additional and finished with 1min clean... Continue Reading →

Zucchini spread

I really love "aperitif" time, this moment before diner when you can have a sit, sip a fresh drink and eat a few things. It is for me part of the dinner, so anytime we have aperitif, diner is much lighter: a salad, a soup... I love to prepare snacks for that moment that are... Continue Reading →

Simple Japanese one-plate

Well, Japanese is may be a little to much but at least it's Japanese taste and local products! I don't like fatty meat but I must say that pork belly is always perfect to flavor simple vegetables. It's very easy to find thin slices of pork belly in Japan, they ressemble a lot bacon slices.... Continue Reading →

Back to normal

The quick trip to France followed by a weekend in Ohara to recover from the jetlag, enjoy the fresher air in the country, see friends and celebrate Sea day with a swim in a warm and beautiful ocean, it's time to go to the lab again, stay seated 12h in front of my computer and... Continue Reading →

2-way stuffed zucchini flowers

The last recipe from this little stay at my parents' place. As I was telling you yesterday, my mother is really good at preparing zucchini flowers and she not only prepared tempura she also prepared stuffed zucchini flowers. One way is with cheese and mint (vegetarian; on the right of the picture), the other with... Continue Reading →

Zucchini flowers tempura

After the bouillabaisse the second thing I really wanted to eat while in Provence was zucchini flowers. My mother is really good at preparing them.  She has several recipes for them and I gonna share three with you. Zucchini flowers are really hard to find in Japan and it's a pity but it is not... Continue Reading →

Aix en Provence

As you may have noticed I am not in Tokyo now but in France after two days in Paris we went south and are now spending a few days in my hometown: Aix en Provence, at my parents' place. Prunellia and I grew up in a beautiful environment. Prunellia probably didn't enjoyed it as much... Continue Reading →

Special guest: La bouillabaisse

For this second special guest, we have picked our mother with a very traditional dish in our family: La bouillabaisse, or Bouillante. This typical Provence dish is a grand summer tradition in our family. Our great grand father used to go fishing near La Ciotat every Sunday and bring back the fishes, our great grand... Continue Reading →

Baby corn

I like corns but I don't know too many ways to prepare them: butter grilled, boiled, in salad, in soup, with rice... I don't really like the butter grilled or simply boiled when you have a whole chunck and need to use your fingers. Plus they often come in bundle of 3 or 4 corns,... Continue Reading →

Rice salad Japanese style

Japanese purists would hang me for that recipe!!! In the edamame gohan I've added boiled chick peas, and served this "mame gohan" with blanched green beans, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled egg. A sort of "salade de riz" as we call it in France, (so 70's tupperware cooking!!!) but with a Japanese touch. Of course... Continue Reading →

Edamame gohan

There is something that I love in summer in Japan, it's fresh edamame. A few weeks ago they've appeared on the market stands and I've already introduced one recipe with eggplants from the shojin cuisine tradition. Of course with just salt they are perfect too. One other way I love them it's with rice. It's... Continue Reading →

Summer fruits tart

Crazy time of the year, one day is summer: 35 and not a single breeze, sudden thunder storm and pouring rain, the next it's almost chilly. Yet summer fruits start ripening and are delicious. Peaches season has started as well as plums, melons and watermelons season is also well advanced. When this time comes I... Continue Reading →

Craving for fresh pasta al pesto

This weekend Sunday I was looking forward for swimming in the icean and body boarding. We first wanted to go really early in the morning between high and low tide but we over slept and when we woke up at 7:30 it was already to close to low tide, and there nothing more boring than... Continue Reading →

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