Sweet potato and aburage rice

I know, this not a recipe for laye August usually but this year, it definitely is!!! And this recipe of 炊き込み御飯 (takikomi gohan) is so simple and delicious that it could be eaten anytime actually! Prepare 1cup of rice (wash and add cooking water) , cut one sweet potato in pieces, slice finely half a sheet... Continue Reading →

An other rainy day 🌧

The summer is just diluting in rain. What should be the beautiful after season, is this year just a second rainy season. It rains almost everyday and once it's chilly, once it's hot and humid. Don't know what to wear, don't what to eat. This Sunday was so chilly that it was perfect for gardening... Continue Reading →

Saturday energy lunch

We are back to our little weekend routine: going to the country, gardening, playing tennis, baking bread etc... Which means a lot of outdoor time and a lit of activity. Lunch always to be energetic and well balanced. Pasta, rice or cereals make a good base, and since we have local and fresh vegetables and... Continue Reading →

Desktop lunch

I'll never quit this habit of eating freshly prepared food in my office. No matter what the prepared food in shops don't appeal me to much nor the cafeteria. I've been doing for ever and actually love it. I just get rid of some usual combination so try new ones once in a while. In... Continue Reading →

Dinner one-plate

Some brown rice left over? The perfect base for a one-plate dinner. I oven grilled some white eggplants marinated in a bit of olive oil and added plenty of fresh coriander; grilled some horse mackerel pieces and added some fried beet on top of the rice. A bit of kosher salt and here is a... Continue Reading →

What’s up?

Sorry, I've been a little down these past days. Nothing bad, just annoyed. After the jetlag which is always pretty bad for me between USA and Japan (at 19:00pm I start to be really badly sleepy without even willing to eat dinner), I started to sleep bad which was mainly due to the terrible weather:... Continue Reading →

Cooking contest!

The D-day finally arrived and I left home Saturday morning under a raging thunder storm to join the cooking contest finale at the Hattori nutrition college. I felt totally unprepared and a bit stressed. On the same day they were having entrance exam for the college and college tours so it was a bit crowded... Continue Reading →

Rehabilitation cooking

Since we came back from Canada I've this impression that I have forgotten how to cook and that I am in a transitional phase of rehabilitation. After such a long time not really cooking much and seeing so many ingredients that I can't find easily in Japan and that gave me so msny ideas it's... Continue Reading →

Chocolate cheesecake

For once I tried a new recipe of chocolate cheesecake but I turn it into something mine.  For the base, you need 100g of speculos and 40-50g of salted butter. You crush the biscuit and mix with the melted butter, then put in your mold.  For the chocolate cream, you need:- one pack of cream... Continue Reading →

Typhoon night

The season for typhoon has arrived. It marks the beginning of the end of summer when days are still hot and the light turns different. I have the impression that the "real" summer was really short mainly because we were away from Japan. Leaving Japan is always difficult because I love every single season and... Continue Reading →

Japanese food addict

When we are in Japan I don't think about it, I naturally cook Japanese at least once a week sometimes more. When I say Japanese I mean rice (white or brown) and something with dashi and/or miso and/or umeboshi. These tastes have been part of our daily life now almost as much as good olive... Continue Reading →

Back to the kitchen

The perk of jetlag is to be hungry all the time and to wake up early in the morning giving plenty of time to see the sun rise and prepare breakfast!!! And if Canada is known as the mapple syrup country, it's definitely not somethings they serve often or basically never. So I was craving... Continue Reading →

Oh oh Waterloo ♫

Long time no update... Sorry for that, I've spent a few days in Chicago followed by almost two weeks in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada for work and friends. And it was really a good time. Starting with a sunny weather and friends willing to make us discover where they live, we were very very lucky. This... Continue Reading →

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