Home sweet home

I'm so happy to be back home!!! This week in Germany has been really intense and productive for work, but being away from A., a kitchen and some oudoor activity for so long is really hard for me. As you can guess from my last post, the first thing I wanted to eat was some... Continue Reading →

The curse of intensive meetings

I work in a field where people loves to gather for a few days, sit and discuss all day what is the future of our field. Usually these meetings take place in close environment and from morning to night we are presence is mandatory. It gives very little opportunity for physical activity (choices are quite... Continue Reading →

Food habits

Travelling abroad and eating at some friends' place, doing some shopping in the local organic supermarkets and trying some local products definitely impacts my food habits. Trying new delicious products or simply eating differently from what we eat in Japan everyday is really interesting. In Germany I was expecting to eat a lot of dark... Continue Reading →

Chocolate & walnuts cake

It was raining and it has gotten a bit chilly so the autumn cooking is officialy on! And I again got inspired by American cooking. I didn't follow any specific recipe but just baked some chocolate cake with walnuts. Prunellia is a much better cook than me when it comes to brownies, chocolate cakes etc...... Continue Reading →

When is that rain going to stop?

I have the impression that this summer it's been raining 9 days out of 10... Many typhoons already hit Tokyo and still continue. I miss being able to go outside to garden and to play tennis. Hopefully we are leaving for Germany tomorrow night and the weather should be much nicer. Since autumn vegetables are... Continue Reading →

Gratted ginger scones

When we were in Chicago We went to Wholefood quite often, and when lining at the cashier they always have some magazines. Usually people press in which I have no interest, but also few cooking and interior magazines. And I must say that I totally get attracted to these. And I ended up buying one,... Continue Reading →

Vegan curry pasta

While curry rice is an institution it in Japan, I decided to try an other combination, of course with a slightly different recipe, and was very much surprised with the way it ended. As the title saus, it's curry pasta. For two not too big servings I used 3 tomatoes, 4 okras and 1 carrots,... Continue Reading →

Cooking and recipe contests

No, I haven't quit writing for TPS, it's just that sometimes work is taking really all my time, even the one in the train, one of the moments I prefer to write. so this week, no workout (but with the muscle pain I had from the surfing and paddle boating Saturday, and the stairs climbing... Continue Reading →

Spicy stew

In the series of new preparations I really wanted to try fennel seeds together with north african style spices in a stew with plenty of veggies and a little bit of chicken. Something close to a tajine indeed, but served with a little of couscous for the full blast of energy. So I put one... Continue Reading →

Trying new ideas

As I was telling last week, recently I'm trying new cooking combination and new tastes. In particular I'm trying using spices and fennel seeds. The first attempt was some vegan stew with corn, potatoes, tomatoes, green beans and okra, with some paprika, red pepper, fennel seeds. All cooked together until the potatoes are just done.... Continue Reading →

Atami 熱海

Once a high end onsen resort with beautiful view of the seaside and stunning village spreading in the steep lush green sides of some small mountains, like many other onsen destinations Atami has been transformed into a sad village with too many horrible onsen ryokans that are now falling appart, a pitiful shopping street that... Continue Reading →

Pickled myoga

Recently I'm experimenting a few new recipes or a few new combinations. Since it's the season of fresh myoga and we love pickled myoga, I decided to try to make some and found a very simple recipe. This recipe is probably impossible to prepare if you don't live in Japan or if you don't have... Continue Reading →

Pancakes and plums

When in Canada our friend C. Gave us a huge jar of peach jam he made. The jam was so delicious that just one month after it is already empty. And of course I totally forgot about it, hoping this delicious jam would be on the breakfast table for ever!!! This morning when I woke... Continue Reading →

The simplest Japanese dinner!

Sometimes ingredients just come perfectly together at the farmers market and there is nothing else to do than prepare them in the simplest manner. The summer is soon to ginish but not quite yet and fresh little cucumbers are excellent, crispy, juicy and refreshing. The new rice has just been harvested in Isumi and perfectly... Continue Reading →

The perfect light lunch

I love this ring pasta from Sicily: anelli siciliani that I bought in Sicily last time we traveled there. There are so many different pasta in Italy that it is amazing the different reciepe one can imagine with pasta. And it is also so simple to cook. It's a pity that except from Italy is... Continue Reading →

Corn soup

May be because I come from the south of France, a region where they don't grow corn, I never been much use to fresh corn. Only when traveling to the US as a teenager did I discover whole corn grilled with butter and salt, and more recently in Japan corn soup. I must say that... Continue Reading →


I think this recipe base is becoming my all-time favorite for the quiche: it's simple and it mixes Japanese and French flavors perfectly. The quiche is a traditional dish in France, simple to prepare and accomodate with everyone taste. The twist comes from the ingredients I use in the egg base: bonito flakes (katsuobushi) and... Continue Reading →

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