The useless ingredients tart

I usually shop everyday for diners and breakfasts when in Tokyo execpt for the fruits and vegetables I bring back from the country, but a few rare times I have an idea, shop for it and by the time I arrive home I have a new and better idea, or I remember there's something that... Continue Reading →

Jumbo ravioli

I've been craving for ravioli recently but I wanted something different than the ravioli al raggu, and I can't make cheese ravioli (remember, my husband don't eat cheese). Hopefully I'm very resourceful (no kidding!) when it comes to inventing some new recipes and I thought that some fish ravioli would be great. Unfortunately, there has... Continue Reading →

Simple summer lunch

When the temperature exceeds 30deg day and night I only can eat very simple food. Japanese rice is really delicious when it's hot, and it suits very well simple preparations, without any fat nor dressing. Donburi is always a good and simple way to prepare a rice based perfect meal. This time you can't imagine... Continue Reading →

Red lentils patties

There are days when I am desperate to find something new to prepare with what I have in the fridge and in my cupboards that goes beyond the usual vegetable tart, the fresh vegetables salad or the pasta with sauteed vegetables. And there are days when you find instantaneous inspiration, when ideas just flow naturally.... Continue Reading →

Black olive fougasse

What's better than a delicious fougasse to go with local cheese from Takahide farm? I've already talked about classic fougasse, this time I just added a little of black olives in the preparation. It gives a nice aspect to the bread and a subtle additional taste and texture. So delicious that my fougasses at home... Continue Reading →

Power lunch

My husband and I usually play tennis together every Saturday morning for aboug 2h, and sometimes the stakes are really high: we play for the color of our new car, its model, the options,  and sometimes even what we'll have for lunch. That's how my husband win his piece of meat ;). After our game... Continue Reading →

Rye vivarais bread

Long time no baking recipe because I've prepared us a lot of pancakes, crepes and similar in the past days for breakfast, but with the hot days baking bread has been so much easier than in winter that it would be a shame not to enjoy the warm weather.This time I prepared a rye Vivarais... Continue Reading →

Summer fruits crumble

It is rare that I cook desserts, unless we have guests, because we usually snack around 17h and dine around 21h, so I prefer to fix us something good for our five o'clock snack: small cakes, tarts, crepes, always with fresh ingredients, seasonal fruits etc... and skip the dessert. But with the heat recently, we've... Continue Reading →

Feels like a Sunday

Yesterday was holiday, and when Monday is holiday I get lost in the days of the week we are, so I have the impression there was two Sundays this week! Not bad! Spending one more day in the country, swimming in the ocean in the morning and fixing things in the house at the hottest hours... Continue Reading →

Myoga – 茗荷

Myoga, also named Japanese ginger is a little plant that is often used in Japanese cuisine. It looks a bit like shallots, but with a fresh and strong taste. The most classic use is in miso soup, with a simple dashi base, miso and finely cut myoga. Other option will be with silky fresh tofu... Continue Reading →

Curry and eggplant

For the last recipe of eggplant, I've decided to cook some eggplant with other vegetables and to add some curry. I find that eggplant accomodate very well in Indian curry so I decided to use curry but in a dry manner. So in a little of oil in a pan I put 2 little new... Continue Reading →

Raw eggplant salad

The first time I came across a recipe with raw eggplant I was quite suspicious, but then tried it and realized it was really good. So in this "eggplant week" I've decided to prepare a raw eggplant salad rather than offering you the more than classic stuffed eggplant, or mozzarella grilled eggplant...For two as a... Continue Reading →

Eggplant millefeuilles

This recipe is an old recipe found in a magazine probably 20 years ago and that I love very much for it's simplicity. Actually I do a little modification anytime I do it to adjust to my envy of the moment. The eggplant millefeuilles consists in thin slices of fried or sautéed eggplant filled in between... Continue Reading →

Miso eggplants

This quite simple Japanese recipe is really delicious and I like it very much now, but for sometimes I hated it because the first time I tried to prepare it, it was a terrible failure. The first and only time I prepared something to eat that ended up in the trash because it was not... Continue Reading →

Oven grilled eggplants

The simplest way of cooking eggplants is by oven grilling them. It is so delicious and so handy to cook! For oven grilled eggplants I wash a few eggplants and then slice them with a mandoline or a large knife. In a pie dish I put a thin layer of olive oil, then I set... Continue Reading →

Eggplant and katsuo bushi

The first recipe of eggplant is a Japanese one. It is awfully simple, yet extremely delicious. It is simply boiled eggplant in katsuo bushi dashi (dried bonito consommé to make it short) served with a topping of katsuo bushi flakes (dried bonito flakes). For that I always use small eggplants, like tiny ones. I cut... Continue Reading →

Eggplant week

Let's reiterate a vegetable week! I could have chosen grean beans, but I realize I've already posted many recipes involving green beans, so I've opted for one other summer star: the eggplant. Funilly eggplants are as much used in Japanese cuisine than in Provence cuisine, though in Japan the eggplant species are slightly different, smaller... Continue Reading →

French baguette

Well, there is no week-end in the country without a proper Sunday morning breakfast with freshly baked bread or equivalent and fresh fruits. This Sunday is not different, and for the breakfast I prepared French baguette. French baguette requires 1h of autolysis before you can start kneading, so it's not often I have the time... Continue Reading →


I talk about summer vegetables and fruits a lot, and use many in my cooking every day (I love summer fruits for breakfast) but to tell you the truth though we are in July, the weather is quite tricky these days and summer may be in my plates but not outside. So after a whole... Continue Reading →

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