Zucchini cold soup

Zucchni are delicious in soup hot or cold. In summer I prepare a cold soup with mint. For two I just boil a large zucchini with the skin (the skin gives a nicer color to the soup and it is full of nutriments, but only do that if you know your vegetables are grown without... Continue Reading →

Zucchini week!

Summer is here and so is the zucchini season. In the first few years we were living in Tokyo I found that it was not easy to find nice zucchini in Tokyo but then I realized that if in supermarket you have pretty much always the same little zucchini in local farmers market and in... Continue Reading →

Sunday morning breakfast

The week-end was supposed to be all rainy so I had in mind to do a lot of cooking but in the end it's a beautiful sunny day ahead!For breakfast I wanted something new to try, and since I bought nice ham and free range eggs, I've been thinking about English muffins. I love English... Continue Reading →


A few years ago while traveling to Milan I was shopping cooking ingredients and gears to bring back to Japan with me to extend my Italian experience. I may be French in Japan, Italian cuisine is, I think, what I love best. Useless to say that I came back with about a full suitcase of... Continue Reading →

Kyudo, the way of the bow

It's been a long time I wanted to talk about it, but recently work kept me so busy that I felt bad writing about something that I had no time to do. Now that I have little business trips scheduled I can practice again more steadily and talk about it without having the impression that... Continue Reading →

My bagels recipe

So, last week I told you about these delicious and amazingly simple bagels I made for the first time. And since it was too good I couldn't believe it was true, remember? I've tried the recipe again, with a few variations and yes! they are delicious and it's really not difficult. So I'm ready to... Continue Reading →

梅酒 – umeshu

Prunellia's post on her favorite Japanese drink is timely because it is just the season to harvest plums and to prepare umeshu. In our garden we have a lot of plum trees and each year they produce a lot of fruits. Last year for the first time the fruits were harvested and used to prepare... Continue Reading →

Summer time = fruits time

It's official it's summer!  Thought it is not yet super hot, summer fruits start to appear everywhere in the garden and at the market. Shiny pinkish plums, soft and pink peaches, melons, blue-berries, addictive cherries. Soon to come also the delicious nashi, watermelon etc... So I'm happy because it means fresh and juicy fruits every... Continue Reading →

La “soupe au pistou” reinterpreted

"La soupe au pistou", pronounce  " la souuuupopiiiiistuu" (or pesto soup) is a traditional summer preparation in Provence. Like any traditional food each family has her secret recipe and variations are quite Infinite. Shall it include small pasta or king of cut spaghetti, or none; shall it be served with grated Parmigiano or grated Gruyere;... Continue Reading →

Japanese dinner at home

When we have visitors from Europe for dinner and it's there first time in Japan I usually cook Japanese for them, but I cook what I call "soft Japaanese". I don't try to impress them with my skills in cha-kaiseki cuisine with elaborated tofu mixes, plain white rice and strongly miso tasting fish and Japanese... Continue Reading →


For lunch I eat quite often bagels that I buy in supermarket nearby my work. They have one brand that I like quite much but not always. It's been a long time I've been thinking about making some bagels myself but I imagined that making them with a good shape and the boiling+baking kind of... Continue Reading →

Apple and loquat tart

In the very back of our garden we have a loquat tree. Most of the time it is impossible to eat any because the birds eat them much faster but this time I manage to save two! Loquats are a little lique apricots, but with a much milder taste and I really love to it... Continue Reading →

Gâche bread and Italian cheese

On Saturday evening I often prepare bread to have something fresh and delicious for breakfast on Sunday morning. This time it's a bread called gâche. I used half whole wheat flour (83g) half white flour (83g) to prepare it, then the usual 8g of sourdough, 2g of yeast, 3g of salt, 100g of water. It... Continue Reading →

One-bowl lunch

I love bulgur and it's very handy because it takes little time to cook it compared to rice for example. So I find it very convenient when I want to fix something for lunch after playing tennis. And this time the fix was really quick: pork and parsley balls, mini tomatoes, cucumber and bulgur. For... Continue Reading →

Veggie tart

I've always loved oat bran, may be because I'm a horse girl and it reminds me when we were feeding the horses at the club, and sometimes trying the horse food (though I never tried hay!); or may be just because I love this kind of dry, little taste food. Anyway, I've been using oat... Continue Reading →

Basilic bread

This bread looks a lot like foccacia but is shaped in a ball shape and is thus less oily and more fluffy. The recipe is basically the same, but a little less olive oil and fresh chopped basil leaves are mixed in the dough. Delicious with a summer salad, grilled vegetables, or just olive oil...


We're not talking about food here! Though there is this trend that eating insects is good for the planet and healthy, and actually there is a tradition in Nagano prefecture to eat a type of grasshoper that lives in the rice paddies, prepared with soya sauce, mirin, sugar, I pass. I can't eat anything that... Continue Reading →

Tea time

OK we're talking a lot about food, but what about drinks?I've always been a heavy tea drinker may be because in my teenage years I wanted to be British for the pony rides in Hide Park and the tea-time at the Brown's, the check pants and the Dc Martens boots for Carneby street, and the... Continue Reading →

Oven grilled salmon

There are days when the market offers a new recipe ideas instantaneously: beautiful salmon filet for sashimi + fennel + red onion + new potatoes (I've decided to buy more potatoes). Finding fennel is quite rare in Tokyo and usually the only place you can get some imported is Nissin or National Azabu. Local one?... Continue Reading →

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