Back to the basics

After a whole week in Seattle, it's good to be back home. Though the city has numerous farmers markets, with very attractive food, the hotel life allows only for limited purchases and preparation. There are also a lot of food trucks but honestly the idea of having lunch standing or seated like punks in the... Continue Reading →


When summer starts I love a good piece of bread with fresh vegetables and why not a barbecue. My favorite bread for that time is focaccia, and even better rosemary focaccia. It's so easy to make and with a delicious olive oil it's just too good!!!To make a focaccia you just need fresh rosemary roughly... Continue Reading →

Soya fallafel

While in Capetown last year, thanks to our hosts at the Manolo we managed to have a table at the very demanded Test Kitchen. One of Capetown best restaurants, and sometimes ranked in the top 10 xorld's best restaurants. The experience was great abd what I apprfciated a lot is their flexibility to propose vegetarian... Continue Reading →

Greens and flounder

In Japan, fish is really delicious and it is not so difficult to find fresh wild fishes from safe places. Spending time in Chiba's prefecture Sotobo we have access to really amazing products, when the weather allows it. Recently flounder has been really abundant. And with my parents visiting us I must prepare a lot... Continue Reading →

A good start!

Of all meals breakfast is my favorite and I like all of its variations. I also like that my breakfast changes everyday, even if there are some common ingredients. Bread or similar and fresh fruits in salad, smoothy, or just plain are on the menu everyday.I baked this wholewheat soft bread that accomodates perfectly with... Continue Reading →

Vegetables and tofu wok

As spring fades away and summer approaches (and with it the rainy season) I've started to prepare a lot more dishes that look like ratatouille or at least that use the vegetables of the ratatouille.  I prepared a sauted dish in olive oil of new onion, paprika, zucchini and tomatoes, added some dices tofu and... Continue Reading →

One-plate dinner

Super busy with work, finishing late every day and trying to still watch one movie every night, the one-plate dinner is really handy. I am also finishing the last spring vegetables as we're moving towards summer, so I had a few new carrots and new onions to use. I like to prepare carrots with cumin... Continue Reading →

Tokyo’s croissant ranking

My experience of making croissants was great but not perfect, so before I manage to make the best croissants in town, I am still looking for the best you can buy. You know, the one that are light and buttery, crispy outside and melty inside, well... THE perfect croissant. Hunting truly delicious croissants in Tokyo... Continue Reading →

Cold buckwheat noodles salad

Soba is the Japanese word for buckwheat and by extension buckwheat noodles. You can find soba-ya: restaurants serving soba pretty much everywhere and there are several places accross the country famous for the production of soba that it makes them something really common. I wanted badly to mske my own noodles but on that day... Continue Reading →

Spring salad

With all the new vegetables and the sunny days I'm preparing more and more cold salads this year. This one is really taking advantage of spring green peas, little radish, lettuce, cucumber, tofu and spelt, all with a little of olive oil, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. Fresh, colorful, tasty, perfect!

Boule bread Recipe

A few days ago you may have seen a picture of a boule bread that I prepared for our breakfast. Actually this bread itokyos one of the simplest bread to prepare.Here is the recipe for a 20cm diameter bread: mix 250g of flour (T60), 125g of water, 12g of dry sourdough, 1g of yeast, 5g... Continue Reading →

Vegan donburi

A donburi in Japan is basically a rice bowl topped with something, anything. I really like the concept and you've seen a few of my original recipes yet. With each time changing in what I top it with depending on the market and time available. This time it's a 100% green topping with avocado, cucumber, cresson... Continue Reading →

Sandwich for lunch

Recently a lot of my lunches at work look like this! I really love whole grain bread or bagels, I spread cream cheese or cottage cheese, then top with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, leaf of salad, rucolla, sprouts, and my lunch is ready! When it's not cream cheese it's avocado slices. Super simple, tasty, crunchy-creamy... Continue Reading →

One-plate dinner

Days around Tokyo are getting warmer and the golden week (a few days of bank holidays in a row) is really beautiful this year!  A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables just bought at the local farmers market. With this beautiful weather we spend a lot of time outside and crave for fresh tasty meals,... Continue Reading →

Vegan pizza

After the super delicious trial of a classic homemade pizza, this time I decided to use the base of the pizza for a vegan pizza. Instagram inspired me a lot with tones of super delicious-looking vegan pizza. So here is mine: olive oil, fresh tomatoes and zucchini, rucolla for the finish, nothing too fancy, bug... Continue Reading →

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