One-plate dinner

Super busy with work, finishing late every day and trying to still watch one movie every night, the one-plate dinner is really handy. I am also finishing the last spring vegetables as we’re moving towards summer, so I had a few new carrots and new onions to use. I like to prepare carrots with cumin and find it suits also very well chick peas. I was about to add some chick peas to the carrots and onions that I cooked rapidly in olive oil and finished them in their own steam, to prepare some kind of raggu when I remember having a pack of vegan fallafel mix waiting on the shelf for months. Yes, I sometime buy vegan burger mix and vegan fallafel mix but if I don’t use them right away, I usually forget them prefering fresh food or making my own mix. So I decided to use that poor mix, but instead of making real fallafel I used the mix to make some kind of grilled chick pea croquettes to serve with the vegetables. Nothing too fancy but delicious!

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