Soba salad

I've been so busy at work running from one place to an other and with some tension when our robot was making its debut on stage, and with the moving that I barely cooked and even barely thought about writing a post to share with you a delicious recipe. .. for which I must apologize! But... Continue Reading →

Tofu cheese cake

About 10 years ago, my parents came to spend some time with us and my mother absolutely wanted to cook some Japanese dessert. I didn't have much Japanese cooking books that were not in Japanese, so the best I could offer was this book I already introduced some time ago.  There are very few recipes... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash lasagna

With a tight schedule: in Nagoya yesterday, a rehearsal for the show next Tuesday where our robot appears, a few lectures and talks to prepare and the preparation for moving in less than a month, days are pretty short! But I am always happy to prepare a dinner for friends and never cancel an invitation!... Continue Reading →

Cold corn soup

As I was mentioning in my earlier post, I didn't grow in a family where eating corn or cooking corn is a tradition.  I am still quite unable to cook it in many ways, and I usually limit myself to boiled corn, rice & corn, or corn soup. Since the weather is very hot and... Continue Reading →

Green beans salad

For very hot and humid days like it was today, I like to prepare extremely simple, fresh meals with mainly vegetables. A green beans salad is a classic for me, but instead of preparing it with potatoes like I would usually do I prepared it with hard boiled eggs and fresh ginger and myoga thinely... Continue Reading →

Cold soup

How is your summer? In Tokyo these days summer looks like the rainy season... and it's even not too hot! Which is perfect for this first week back to work, except that I was expecting having dinner on the terrace (maybe for the last season since we might move to a new place without a... Continue Reading →

Lotus root sushi – 蓮根寿司

When we were in Fuefukigawa, our ryokan had a very nice library where we enjoyed spending some time. It's very nice to go to someone else library because you can discover many things through others books. That's how I discovered a little cook book with some inspiring recipes. And I tried one of the inspiration... Continue Reading →

Socca lunch

Once in a while I like to prepare traditional socca as a base for a lunch one plates. It's very quick to prepare and easy to serve with fresh vegetables. Since I've found huge eggplants at the farmers market I decided to make some basil (I have plenty in my herb garden) eggplant caviar and I made a... Continue Reading →


The last stop of our trip was in Yamanashi prefecture to visit wineries and fruits orchards. I had know idea what too expect and what we would actually see, and it was a great surprise! First the place we stayed at (Fuefukigawa onsen - 笛吹川温泉) was fantastic with a chef preparing delicious cha-kaiseki cuisine and... Continue Reading →

Wasabi – 山葵

Wasabi is an important ingredient in Japanese cooking. It is of course used for sushi, but also with tofu, soba noodles... It is an autochthonous plant that grows naturally nearby clear streams. Historically it was first used as medicine in Nara period (700AD) before being popularized as food during the middle age: Muromachi period (1300~).... Continue Reading →

Learning new recipes

We are now in Hakuba for the second stop of our little Japanese road trip. Staying as usual at La Neige Higashikan where we are pampered as usual. We spend our days hiking and visiting the surroundings, which are very different from the winter. It's the first time ever I go to the mountain in... Continue Reading →

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