All mixed inspirations

Sometimes that's what happens... you have a fresh piece of sashimi red snapper, fresh baby leaf salad, homemade umeboshi and you want to eat them altogether. Now what would be the simplest carb to go with would be obviously Japanese rice. But when it's late and hungry mouths are begging for food... rice is not... Continue Reading →

New kitchen!

We moved in our new apartment this weekend and we have just finished emptying the last boxes. Now it starts to like home! I'm still not used to it and in particular to the kitchen. It was very difficult to find a place that checked all the boxes of our list of "must"  given the... Continue Reading →

Where is “home”?

It's a bit of a weird week, with travel, changes, so I'm getting a bit lost! We went to Shanghai for two days, where A. was working, abd I took this opportunity as a writing retreat when I was not disturbed abd could focus on my work. It was very productive, the weather very helpful... Continue Reading →

Harvest it – eat it!

It was a while since I haven't seen my little neighbor so I decided to pay her a visit, and as such we usually exchange products from our respective gardens. I had nothing to offer, so I promised her plenty of gingko nuts in a few weeks, since our tree is literally covered with nuts.... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash…

...what would I do without you? So easy to peel and cut compared to kabocha and most pumpkin, so quick to cook, and so many recipes possible. I can't help buying one every time I see some at the farmers market. It suits so very well all types of dishes, Italian, Japanese etc... So what... Continue Reading →


Autumn weather is finally coming to Tokyo, which means some beautiful weather mainly and also some rain when there is a typhoon. The temperature is also changing a lot and tonight is quite chilly and rainy, so a warm dinner was naturally my only option. This is the season for delicious Hokkaido autumn salmon 秋鮭,... Continue Reading →

Some kinds of pizza

I can't realize that we are moving in 10 days. It's seems so far away and so close at the same time, there is so much at work at the same time that it is hard to realize. I'm quite excited because I will have a new kitchen to play with and a bigger oven... Continue Reading →

Brown rice

When we are in Isumi I like to go to Rice Terrace restaurant for a macrobiotic lunch outdoor, but I don't like to go when it rains because the whole place is designed to enjoy being outside and there are usually too many families and it can become very noisy. Luckily we found an other... Continue Reading →

Red quinoa

I'm on a mission to finish every single pack of rice, pasta, cereals and legumes that is opened and sitting on a shelf or in the fridge half empty. Yes! I keep pretty much everything in the fridge: flour, cereals, rice... to keep them longer (it prevents damages from high humidity and high temperatures in... Continue Reading →

Chestnut rice – 栗ご飯

We are lucky to have a chestnut tree in the garden, but for the past 5 years I never managed to harvest any chestnut because it was too late once they've fallen and bugs git them, they were falling to early with typhoons... This year I miraculously managed to harvest about half a dozen of... Continue Reading →

Baking bread

I haven't posted any bread recipe recently but that doesn't mean I haven't baked any! I have baked a lit of fougasses this summer for our visiting friends. Of course for breakfast I have cooked more pancakes than ever, but bread is still one of my favorite. All warm, just out of the oven, the... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash…

Since last autumn there has been a lot of butternut squash on the shelves at the farmers market, really a lot! I love to cook it because the taste is more subtle than that of kabocha. So since we came back from the summer holidays I have cooked plenty: in lasagna, in cold soup, in... Continue Reading →

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