Some kinds of pizza

I can’t realize that we are moving in 10 days. It’s seems so far away and so close at the same time, there is so much at work at the same time that it is hard to realize. I’m quite excited because I will have a new kitchen to play with and a bigger oven in Tokyo than my mini one. At the same time I will bring my mini oven to work, which means that I could cook more at work!!! Speaking of ovens, recently I’ve been making things that look like pizze but are not trully ones. May be I was inspired by the macrobiotic aburage (fried tofu) pizza I saw on IG by @rikako.salon_de_r. Once I made the base crust was a pie crust with whole wheat flour, topped with tomatoes, eggplants and red bell peppers, rosemary and olive oil (bottom picture). The second time I made a fougasse or focaccia preparation then topped it with blanched spinaches, cherry tomatoes and for those who like, fresh mozzarella from Isumi (top pictures).

These are perfect for still hot sunny days of September, using the last of the summer vegetables, good eaten just out of the oven or cold. 

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