Dirty hands

I love to put my hands in gooey mixtures quite a lot, and this weekend is what I did!! I first started bu making some brioches for our breakfast. The dough for brioche is always a hard kneading wirk because of the egg and butter the dough gets really really gooey and it takes a... Continue Reading →


I could never emphasize enough how much quiches are delicious and always different. Just playing with the thickness of the pie crust and the filling changes everything, changing the filling and the ingredients of the dough make it also completely different. It’s a giant playground that adjusts for all seasons, and provides a perfect meal... Continue Reading →

Canola flowers – 菜の花

In a flash we went from cabbages and sweet potatoes to fukinoto and canola flowers. It’s almost spring already, and the vegetables at the farmers market let you know that! Of course it’s only the beginning, and it is nice and interesting to mix winter and early spring ingredients. Canola flowers are versatile and I... Continue Reading →


When we first arrived in Japan there was a huge post office close to Tokyo station. Quite convenient at the time for tourists because post offices where the only places or so where you could withdraw cash from an ATM with a foreign credit card. But the building didn’t resist the whole tide of renewals... Continue Reading →

Fresh pasta

You know how much we love fresh pasta and more than any stuffed pasta. While in Florence this time I didn’t have much free time to cook, traveling here and there (Pisa, Paris...) for work so we tried a few places where to buy some fresh pasta and so far in central Florence the best... Continue Reading →


What was supposed to be a nice and peaceful trip to Italy and France started with quite a bit of a commotion with a few centimeters of snow in Paris... and I landed in Paris at 4:00AM only to learn a few hours later that the flights to Florence I was successively checked-in were all... Continue Reading →

Pancakes best-of

10 years ago I was baking pancakes twice a year or so... I would often use pancake mix and was never fully happy by the taste and usually had to eat them completely soaked with maple syrup. That was until we travelled to Boston in 2009 and I found a great organic pancake mix at... Continue Reading →


 Every one knows this fractal cabbage that is as beautiful as delicious: the romanesco! It is now not too difficult to find it in Japan too, and they even grow some in Isumi. Since I want to keep it simple and to be able to admire its beautiful shapes that usually I use it simply... Continue Reading →

Soup or so

After the snow last week, the snow again this week. The weather in Tokyo was gloomy all of Thursday and Friday and I wanted some simple warm food. One thing I really love in winter is Japanese cabbages. They are perfect steamed with olive oil, thyme and salt, raw with miso, but not only. With... Continue Reading →


We say in French “les jours (les semaines, les annees...) se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas”  (days (weeks, years...) follow each other but are never alike) and this is so very true these days for me! Not that I complain about it, but there is very little routine. One day it snows, the next... Continue Reading →

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