Ravioli again!

After this busy week at work and several dinners out, a little bit of slow cooking was more than welcome! But it was so cold that I didn’t even dare trying to make bread. Indeed, when we arrived Saturday morning it was 2-3 degrees in the house, it slowly went up to 15-17 by the... Continue Reading →


Quite a week, and it’s only Thursday!!!  So let’s get back to when I left you last Saturday... Sunday evening we had 4 guests (mix of French and Japanese) for dinner at home in Tokyo so I cooked some of my half new recipes: creamy cauliflower soup with curried croutons (recipe below), pork cutlet with... Continue Reading →

Late night dinner

There are days (quite many recently) like that... when I start cooking past 23:00 for our dinner. We’re obviously starving after a long day at work, but nonetheless we want something fresh and tasty. I found that’s often when I get the most creative, in particular when the ingredients are limited as in winter (in... Continue Reading →

Crazy week(s)

I knew January would be a tough and busy month and it is exactly what it is. It is the season for student graduation thesis and I have a pile of them to read before the end of the month. It is also the moment to think about final exams for the course I teach.... Continue Reading →

Half risotto

In Japan people born from one Japanese parent and one foreign parent are called “half” (ハーフ) by Japanese people. Using the same idea I use like to use this word for my cooking recipes. Some would use different words such as ethnic food, fusion food or any other that means nothing to me. But “half”... Continue Reading →

Quick pasta!

What’s worst than being super hungry at past 23:00 after a busy day at work? At the moment the business from work goes down and I’m on my way home, my stomach is crying for something to eat, quick!!!! And A. is in a no different mood! In that case dry pasta are a great... Continue Reading →

Vegan pie

You know how much I love to make quiches and tarts, there are so many examples already posted, and there will be this year many more. But when like me you love making dough, kneading and having flour on your hands, better than quiches and tarts, there are pies, for which you need twice more... Continue Reading →

Winter rolls

In winter, when it’s cold in the morning and we want to have something rich and hot to eat, I like to prepare cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns. I find them super delicious when made with the recipe from the Nordic cookbook that I’ve slightly modified, but so rich that I actually don’t cook them... Continue Reading →

Home-made tagliatelle

As planned there will be a lot of pasta in 2018, and it has already started! For Xmas I received a motor for my pasta machine!!! Not that I am a big fan of going mechanical, I prefer to knead manually, to chop manually, to ground coffee manually... but I must admit that with the... Continue Reading →

First bread of 2018

While in my parents’ place I baked many pompes a l’huile for Christmas, but I didn’t bake any bread. There are a few nice organic bread shops and bakeries around. But now that we are back to Isumi, it was mandatory to bake some bread. I started this year with a very simple bread: rye... Continue Reading →


Here we are already!!! So best wishes for this new year!!!  Last year we promised a few new things for TPS, but we in the end didn’t feel it was reasonable to start this new adventure. Indeed, in retrospect in 2017, P. hasn’t contributed much and it seems that she has no plan to do... Continue Reading →

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