Winter rolls

In winter, when it’s cold in the morning and we want to have something rich and hot to eat, I like to prepare cinnamon rolls or cinnamon buns. I find them super delicious when made with the recipe from the Nordic cookbook that I’ve slightly modified, but so rich that I actually don’t cook them too often, maybe once or twice a year when it’s really cold. I This time I found that I actually had a very good kneading, the dough was really shiny, smooth and elastic and the rises were really great despite the cold temperatures of the house, the dough actually almost doubled twice, and the result was a very fluffy yet rich cinnamon roll. I didn’t do the egg wash nor the sugar frosting, but they were golden all the same, sweet enough and perfect for a cold Sunday morning breakfast before spending time outdoor gardening. One thing I love in that recipe, is the cardamom. Indeed, in the dough Magnus Nilsson recommend to add some cardamom, and I find it adds some lightness to the preparation. How do you like your buns?

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