One of the food I miss much in Japan as you already know, is artichoke. For some reason it is something that reminds me my childhood. From the simply boiled large ones that one of my grand mother would prepare to eat one leave after the other dipped in mustard vinaigrette, or the tiny purple... Continue Reading →

How quick…

Not enough time to do all the things I want to do... and in a snap it's already mid December... Busy days follow busy days... the excitement of all the things I do leaves me quite resourceless and for the first time in quite a while I feel tired. Tired of so many things undone,... Continue Reading →


Probably very few of you know what panisse are... you only know if you've been to Provence long enough or have a specific interest in regional cooking... Panisse are an other traditional recipe based on chickpea flour and that cones from Italy apparently, but is also famous as far as Marseille. I've already shared the... Continue Reading →

Special guest: Eliane

The Causse Mejean doesn't have too many places to eat out and enjoy local products nor sleeping options... but it wasn't always the case... until 15 years ago there was a magic place where to eat and that was also an inn. The place where my parents went while looking for a place to sleep... Continue Reading →


Hello there!!! You may have wondered where I was all this time... well... after another crazy busy week in Tokyo, a rapid stop in Paris, and a long drive, I was in Anilhac in my parents country house to celebrate their 50´s wedding anniversary. The house is not equipped with internet and there is no... Continue Reading →

Bouillabaisse my way

As you already may know or you can check here, bouillabaisse is a classic summer dish in my family. My grand mother, and now my mother prepare it for family gatherings. While I love it and have helped preparing it many times with my grand mother as a child (I even fished the soup...) this... Continue Reading →


Probably the last recipe of this potatoes week. I could have talked about gnocchi (but I have so many times done already), about hachis parmentier, or oven grilled potatoes, and I may some other times. But it's true that with new potatoes I love simple recipes when they are steam or pan fried. Yet there... Continue Reading →

Sugar bread

When I was a child we use to spend part of August in my parents country house on the Causse Mejean, France. It was a long drive to go there, we would often stop have breakfast or lunch on the way, have a swim in Gard, and then start the winding road that goes up... Continue Reading →


It's been a few years now that on Saturday afternoon I make crepes. Our Saturday from November to April, when not working, are filled with many activities, gardening in the morning and playing tennis or going for a hike or bicycle ride in the afternoon. The rest of the year we also go to the... Continue Reading →

Walnut bread

After a few weeks without kneading and baking bread it was time to get my hands in the dough again. First wanted to make a rich brioche for breakfast since it has been chilly the past few days... but then I realized I had no eggs... so I opted for bread... but I wanted something... Continue Reading →

October craze

October is always a busy month... start of the new term and teaching again, hunting for the new students for the next spring, a few business trips usually, people visiting from Europe and the best season to enjoy outdoor and prepare the garden for the winter, so days and nights are way too short... But... Continue Reading →

Winged beans

As I was explaining on IG yesterday, at the farmers market I found a new (to me) vegetable, it is green, fancy shaped and called 四角豆 shikakumame in Japanese. As it is a 豆 mame (bean) I figured I would like it, and after discussing with the farmer who told me it is easy as... Continue Reading →

Making bread

In the summer 2012 when we bought our house in Isumi I never imagined how much it would be a life changer. At first it was purely a fancy project to have a Japanese house and a garden, a place to do little DIY projects (since there's nothing we can do in a rented apartment... Continue Reading →


Going to Paris in August is always a feast! The city is empty of angry Parisian and everything is smooth and nice. Of course there is no theatre show nor opera to see, little exhibitions and some shops and restaurants are closed for the summer holiday, but who cares? It's the best time to visit... Continue Reading →

Figs are back!!

This year I have the impression that everything is earlier than usual. Blueberries are almost finished and figs are already ripening and are quite delicious. Farmers are getting ready to harvest rice in Chiba. Even Sarusuberi trees are blossoming almost 1month earlier than usual... So with the figs ready I was thinking of rich almond... Continue Reading →

Some new greens

Every season brings a new kind of greens to the table, not just seasonal but also things I have never seen or cooked before. That's what is fun with shopping at local farmers markets. Each one has some different products. When I shop in Ohara, I don't find the same things than when I shop... Continue Reading →


When I was a child, every year for mother day, which in France is at the end of May, we would go to my grandparents country house in Le Castelet to have a family lunch. From those lunches I remember catching tadpoles in the small stream that was running down the garden and picking cherries... Continue Reading →

Recurring failure

I'm usually pretty confident in what I do, and in cooking more than anything else. I can try new recipes or invent new ones on the fly with quite some easiness and usually I obtain very very good results (it was one if the motivations for me to start this culinary journal, to keep track... Continue Reading →


Quite a week, and it’s only Thursday!!!  So let’s get back to when I left you last Saturday... Sunday evening we had 4 guests (mix of French and Japanese) for dinner at home in Tokyo so I cooked some of my half new recipes: creamy cauliflower soup with curried croutons (recipe below), pork cutlet with... Continue Reading →

Le petit nice

After the buzz of a family Christmas celebration, the noise and the fuss, it is now quiet, even peaceful and time to celebrate my birthday. My parents booked a table at le Petit Nice, a three Michelin star restaurant in Marseille that I like very much for the excellent Mediterranean cuisine and the beautiful view... Continue Reading →

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