Simple lunch

I like to use leftovers to cook myself something for lunch. Yesterday evening I cook some veggies ragu (pink radish, sweet potato, leek, na no hana), and one big spoon was left over. So for lunch I added a carrot, linen seeds, pine nuts and an egg on the side, and I got a perfect... Continue Reading →

Kappabashi dori – 河童橋通り

If you like cooking and tableware, Kappabashi dori is a must go when visiting Tokyo. This street between Ueno and Asakusa is the home of many shops selling cooking gear and tableware for professionals. Most of the shops sell also to individuals (but it's better to ask before being disappointed). There, you can find pretty... Continue Reading →

Nabe four hands

After a cold day walking accross rice paddies, nothing better than a good nabe, home made of course.  Nabe is a traditional Japanese soup with vegetables (Chinese cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, leeks...), tofu (here we have yuzu tofu), shitaki (white Japanese konyaku pasta) and fish cut in small peaces (or meat, as you like). In a... Continue Reading →

Stamped butter cookies

For my birthday, my best friend offered me a very nice present: a customizable cookie stamp. I've used it a few time already for tea and we ate the cookies right of the oven so didn't had a chance to take a pic!!! This time I made some for dessert and I could keep them... Continue Reading →

Lunch at home

With Prunellia at home it means a lot of going out for dinner, little sleep, and busier than usual so for lunch I need my dose of cereals, fresh vegetables and home cooking. Today I prepare a mixture of cereals, with one egg and cheese that I bake in a frypan in circles, accompanied by... Continue Reading →

Steamed whole cabbage

In winter, when it's cold and dark I really love to eat cabbage based recipes. One of my favorite yet simplest is steamed cabbage. Basically I steam a whole cabbage so that the inside is still a little crunchy while the outside melts in the mouth. I usually accomodate it with only a fruity olive... Continue Reading →

Plum – 梅 – Prune

In February the first trees to bloom in Japan are the plum trees. They're not as famous as the Japanese cherry tree, but I like them much more for the vibrant colors of their flowers from white to dark pink and for their beautiful round petals and because people are much less silly than when... Continue Reading →

Fukinoto – ふきのとう

Fukinoto growing in our garden As a lot if places, Japan is full if wild plants that are edible. A lot of them come as a set called 山菜 (pronounce that sansai, literaly the "mountains vegetables"). It includes kogomi, tara no me, warabi and fukinoto. Most of them are great fun to pick, just like... Continue Reading →

Sweet potato crust tart

Probably the last time I talk about purple sweet poratoes this year! There seems to be no more at the cooperative shop. The other day I spotted on Instagram a really nice idea: instead of making the dough of the tart with flour, @acvb3 used thin slices of sweet potato. I wanted to try badly... Continue Reading →

Coconut meringues

So, what do you do with an egg white once you've used the yolk for chocolate truffles? Meringues of course! Of course? Well it was my first time!! Making meringues is surprisingly easy but you need to be sure to jave time ahead because the baking takes more than one hour! Unexpectedly I used a... Continue Reading →

Sunday breakfast

For Sunday morning breakfast I like to eat homemade freshly baked bread, pancakes, crumpets, or anything alike, and fresh fruits in salad or smoothie. It's a good start before spending the day out. This weekend I prepared sugar bread, the recipe comes from Erik Kayser's book, my reference for bread making (in French).  It's basically... Continue Reading →

Quick entrée

The other night we add friends over for dinner, but since I was busy at work I needed things that could be ready quite rapidly. Because my may dish was vegetarian I cooked the entree with egg and bacon. I made a batter of eggs, milk, salt and pepper like an omelette and cooked it... Continue Reading →

Japanese Valentine

In Japan Valentine is not celebrated as in Europe or North America. In Japan, on Valentine day girls are supposed to offer chocolates to boys. It can extend to nonlovers  too: offering chocolate to your colleagues  etc... Not to say that the chocolate business is at its climax and prices are skyrocketing. So a lot... Continue Reading →

La vie en rose

As I was telling you, I'm completely in love with these purple sweet potatoes. They are so nice with other colorful vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, bricoli etc... And they have a powerful coloring effect: remember my u no hana that I stirred a little too well? Using this powerful coloring effect I decided to... Continue Reading →

u no hana – うの花

I really love okara. It's basically the pulp of soya beans remaining after the fabrication of tofu and soya milk. It's full of proteins and it as a very mild taste. It is easily found in supermarket in Japan (together with tofu, nato and yuba) and also very easy to use in several recipes. The... Continue Reading →

Technicolor dinner

I'm in love with this purple sweet potatoes (murasaki imo). They make every plate instantly look so much different, so much illuminated!!!  Here for dinner, sliced with just some cabbage and carrots, and cooked simply with a bit of olive oil. You can eat it as a main dish (what I usually do) or as... Continue Reading →


It's been sometimes I wanted something that changes from the usual scones/pancakes/crepes... I often prepare for breakfast and I was longing for English crumpets. I checked on my usual resource for English recipes: the bbc website and thought I could make crumpets right away. Not so simple. You need circles to bake them and you... Continue Reading →

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