I know it's the easiest meal to cook and it requires actually not a single cooking skill, but it's always delicious and simple to accomodate with a lot different side dishes depending on the season. Why simple? Because in my version of the croque-monsieur I do not use bechamel, I find this heavy and it... Continue Reading →

Taisho style

At first when we came to Japan I couldn't get used to these Japanese-Western (wa-yo) style things: buildings, clothes, food... Everything looked like a pale copy of something we have in Europe or there is in the US, but with something wrong. The most significant period of that style is probably the Taisho era (around... Continue Reading →


One of the easiest Japanese dish to cook is curry-rice (pronunce "karey-rayiss"). I like because it is quick to prepare, and it's a warm dish you can make with whatever you have in the fridge: perfect for a Sunday lunch after spending hours in the cold treaming trees in the garden. You can use only... Continue Reading →

Classic ravioli

I love ravioli and in Japan it is not easy to find good ones. So the best option I've found is to make my own.Using my pasta machine things have become much easier.For the filling, since my husband doesn't eat cheese I use a traditional filling with porc meat. And for the accompanying sauce a... Continue Reading →

Who are the Tokyo-Paris sisters?

We are two real sisters Prunellia, the eldest and Gentiane (me!). We're both French and we were raised in the South of France at the foot of Paul Cezanne most famous mountain: the Sainte Victoire. We both like interior design, cooking and fooding and beautiful things, Prunellia is an architect-interior designer-web designer based in Paris.... Continue Reading →

Another quick dinner fix

An other evening when I needed a quick fix for dinner (to be honest it's almost every day!!), thus a "one plate" and a happy husband! In these situation quinoa is particularly adequate because you can cook it very quickly, it's full of proteines, so perfect for my almost veggan diet. I quickly cooked red... Continue Reading →

Flea market in Tokyo

There are several flea market in Tokyo selling pretty much everything, many for refurbish clothing and shoes. But if you're looking for some Japanese old stuff and some antic my two best picks are Monzen Nakacho flea market and Yasukuni shrine flea market. The latter is my top favorite. It's every Sunday morning in the... Continue Reading →

A well deserved tea time

After a short but really intense week at work, and the perspective of working* for the entrance examination this week-end. I treated myself with a good Earl Grey (I really love the Empress Grey from M&S), and a toast (not home-made this time) with butter and my marmalade made last week-end. And I must say... Continue Reading →

Go organic!

A few months ago my local grocery store in Koganei changed its branding (probably due to some group acquisition). After a few days a lot of the products I was buying vanished from the shelves, replaced by low quality products and I was left with almost nothing decent to shop there. No more delicious organic... Continue Reading →

Special fish dinner

Last night I was invited at one of the university senior professor's place for dinner. It was mainly for business purposes, but it's not so often that Japenese invite you home. After 10 years there, hundreds of dinners at home, I can still count on the fingers the number of houses we've visited as guests!!... Continue Reading →

Quick dinner fix

It is very often that we come back home quite late from work, starving and tired. In that case I like to prepare what Japanese call a "one plate". It is usually a composition of several unrelated elements all combined in one plate. In some restaurants the one plate can cover from starter to dessert!!!... Continue Reading →

Whole-wheat baguette viennoise

Still running out of regular white flour, I prepared a whole-wheat baguette viennoise for breakfast (regular recipe from Kayser's book). Despite the granulous texture due to the whole-wheat it was perfectly soft and tender. I replaced the yolk egg batter with a whole egg batter and the color and crisp of the shell was much... Continue Reading →

Spelt baguette

I wanted to make some baguette but realized I was running out of white flour, so I replaced it by spelt flour. The result was really tasty and I managed, despite the cold temperature in the house in that season, to obtain a very soft crumb in a relatively short time. 

Saturday market

Every Saturday we spend in Ohara, the first thing we do is to go to the local JA cooperative to shop for vegetables, fruits, eggs... Every thing is locally grown in very little farms or by old folks, using no chemical, it's super fresh, super tasty and super cheap. We're lucky because Chiba prefecture is... Continue Reading →

The seven herbs rice

On January 7th, there is a tradition in Japan to eat a seven spring herbs rice porridge (七草がゆ). The seven herbs consist in fact in 5 sorts of greens an 2 sorts of little radishes. You don't even have to worry gathering the proper seven products they are sold as a set pretty much everywhere.I... Continue Reading →

Lunch time

I've always hated cafetaria for lunch. The single idea of taking food on a tray disgusts me. I don't have much time to go out for lunch, or I could take it but most of the time after lunch outthen I feel sleepy the whole afternoon. So I've always turned around the problem by either... Continue Reading →

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