New wakame

There's a season for everything and now is the season of new wakame apparently. This dried seaweed that is most often used in miso soup and in salad can be used in a variety of recipes I assumed and so I tried something half French half Japanese for this recipe. It all started with the... Continue Reading →

Recurring failure

I'm usually pretty confident in what I do, and in cooking more than anything else. I can try new recipes or invent new ones on the fly with quite some easiness and usually I obtain very very good results (it was one if the motivations for me to start this culinary journal, to keep track... Continue Reading →

Yuzu-choco cookies

Sudden rainy and chilly days, after some really warm and sunny weeks call for some sweetness... and since we've recently planted a yuzu (and also a lemon) tree in the garden, to broaden our range of homemade citrus fruits, I've started to harvest a few yuzu fruits. It's late for the yuzu season but they... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoots – 筍

The season for bamboo shoots has started for sure and it goes together with the season for Japanese pepper or sansho 山椒 fresh leaves also called kinome. The sansho shrub in our garden is actually growing steadily after I thought it might be dying last summer and there are plenty of new leaves and soon... Continue Reading →

Cresson quiche

To conclude this series of watercress recipe I would like to present you a simple quiche recipe where I have added some watercress to the egg base. For the pie crust I used an olive oil base because I was short on time and I find that kneading with olive oil is much faster than... Continue Reading →

Cresson pasta

To continue my frenzy with watercress... This week is the beginning of the new term, I'm back to teaching which I enjoy really and very excited with the students new research projects. Work is quite busy, but I really stocked a lot of watercress last weekend and I use it little by little. It is... Continue Reading →

Cresson soup

Cresson, or watercress is this little green that is harvested in spring or in autumn, and is delicious in many various preparations. It is for some unclear reasons not so easy to find watercress easily at the market so when I find some I just buy plenty and use it in many various recipes. You'll... Continue Reading →

Spring savory delights

Nothing to do with the recipe I am presenting today, but the other night we went to check the newly opened Tokyo midtown Hibiya. A new building with many shops, a large Toho cinema and a terrace garden with a view on Hibiya park and the imperial palace. The place just opened so it was... Continue Reading →

Stuffed lotus root

There is one thing that I don't cook often but I love, is stuffed lotus root. It is not always easy ro find big, clean or still untouched lotus roots, but when I do, I definitely try to make some stuffed lotus root, changing recipes depending on the available ingredients and the mood of the... Continue Reading →

Spring vegetables

March/April is a busy time of the year, this is the end of the fiscal and academic year and the beginning of the new one. It is usually busy at work, with graduation ceremony, budget closing, preparation of the lectures, and new students arrival. It is also A.'s birthday and the time when cherry trees... Continue Reading →

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