Rainy season?

Just back from Australia to Tokyo, and I find that the rainy season is getting near. The air is already quite humid and temperatures are mildly warm or hot. Soon it will be time to harvest the plums in the garden, even hopping it is not too late already... It's been 3 weeks we haven't... Continue Reading →


Writing while I'm waiting to board a plane to go back home, I'm trying to reflect on this week spent in Western Australia. For the second time only in Australia I've found the Brisbane experience a very good one. I had the memory of a rude and rough Sidney, but it was also a long... Continue Reading →

Detour @Brisbane

So, we've been in Brisbane for a couple of days now and we've tried a few places to dine out but it is not too easy to find nice restaurants in at a reasonable distance from the city center that serves local products... hopefully our friend C. found one very very nice place where we... Continue Reading →


Last weekend. I thought it was a real long time I haven't cook bagel and it's been a while I wanted to come some... then I checked out my recipe online and realized it was actually 3 years since I cooked any... so it was indeed a really long long time!!! I used the same... Continue Reading →

A very classic dish twisted

This preparation has the taste of my childhood... it is something my mum cooks often and very close to the first one she cooked when A. first visited them. Mum would cook it with rice, but without too much time polenta is a faster option. And the fish... it could be tuna or bonito. In... Continue Reading →

Fava beans and wakame

I'm a great great fam of greens such as asparagus, green peas, green beans, snap peas eda mame and fava beans. I could eat them all the time! Unfortunately the season for each is rather short but luckily they follow each other and overlap a bit so from March to August there are always some... Continue Reading →

D-4 – snap peas

Oh my god! In 4 days my lab at the university is moving and things have gotten a little bit out of control. I'm very lucky to have a great crowd of researchers and students to help prepare this big change. But the moving is just one thing among many many others that I have... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower milkshake

It's funny how what was supposed to be a simple warming and comforting cauliflower soup turned into something much more than average. That's what I live with cooking and that's why I started this blog... to keep track of the magic and make it happen again!!! And it is not necessarily complicated, all is required... Continue Reading →

Brown rice and curry double-tap

With all the fresh spring vegetables now available, in particular carrots, lotus roots, snap peas... and the weather changing quickly from sunny and warm to windy and chilly, a warm curry is always nice, accompanied with brown rice. And with friends around I cook always much more than we can eat so I often have... Continue Reading →

Golden week

We have almost always spent our golden weeks in Soto Boso, even before we had a house there. Our first golden week, we spent it in Onjuku in a fishing minshuku, except that we weren't fishing! Then for may be 4 or 5 years we came by scooter, touring from north to south, and also... Continue Reading →

More seaweed

Wakame is one of the multitude of seaweed used in Japanese cuisine. The two other very much used are konbu and nori. They all come in different shapes and level of preparation. Konbu is probably most famous for making broth and nori for maki sushi, but there are a multitude of other way to use... Continue Reading →

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