More Malabar spinach

As I was telling you in my previous post, Malabar spinach go very well with a lot of things, and in particular with salmon. This recipe is very simple to prepare and really delicious. It's just a quiche with fresh salmon (it's the season for salmon from Miyagi) and Malabar spinach like one would do... Continue Reading →

Malabar spinach

I discovered this green last year at our local market, called tsurumimurasaki ツルムラサキ in Japanese, and had a crush for it... then the season passed and it was the season for other greens... and then this week Malabar spinach was on the market shelves... and I was happy to find it again, with its very... Continue Reading →

My lovely neighbors

The fun part of living in the countryside and having a great garden that produces plenty of things independently is to exchange crops with neighbors, friends and colleagues and these past few days we've been exchanging a lot! It all started with plums... like last year I harvested about 20kg of plums and left the... Continue Reading →

Almond sables

When there are so many delicious fruits to eat it's nice to have a few biscuits to go with. Usually with summer fruits I like to prepare simple sablés. This time: almond sablés with a recipe I found browsing some magazines online. The sugar sprinkles really attracted me because I had some I use for... Continue Reading →

Kohlrabi and edamame salad

As I was telling you, kohlrabi is my new best cooking ingredient. Sautéed it is great with other vegetables, pasta... but kohlrabi is also delicious raw. Many recipes I saw on the internet inspired me while looking for ideas how to cook it. And if the weather is called one day it is warm and... Continue Reading →


I didn't remember seeing kohlrabi too often in Japan and I couldn't remember having actually prepared some anytime in my life. I vaguely remember it was something we would eat in the 80's when I was little and didn't eat anything... So kohlrabi (chou rave as I remembered it) was just a name with no... Continue Reading →

Sweetness for cold afternoon

Not only it's rainy... which is normal for the rainy season, but it's super cold. With not more than 15degrees today, we could neither play tennis with that rain, nor go swimming in the ocean with that cold... The arcade and at the batting center kept us active for an hour but then we had... Continue Reading →


One of the first thing I planted in the garden 6 years ago was herbs: rosemary, mint, sage, parsley, basil and a sansho shrub. I wanted to be able to go down the garden when I was cooking and puck whatever herb I needed. The rosemary and mint did really well, and they are still... Continue Reading →

More zucchini!!!

I could have totally go with an other zucchini week worth of new or modified recipes in the last 7 days... to add to the existing collection of zucchini recipes! I've been preparing most of our meals using zucchini because it's just the season and now they grow plenty of zucchini in Isumi! So again... Continue Reading →

Summer teaser

Last weekend and today were really giving a taste of summer. Harvesting from the garden: locats, plums, herbs, sansho, eating in the garden at night, playing tennis and going swimming or bodyboarding right after in the chilly water of the ocean to cool down the body... and now a typhon is coming, it rains and... Continue Reading →

Zucchini cake

Somehow this week has been a lot about cooking zucchini. There was a few classic things such as "soupe au pistou" for friends coming for dinner. But also a few new recipes such the salsola quiche. And after seeing a few cakes on IG, I thought it was time to make one with zucchini and... Continue Reading →

Another quiche…

There's nothing like a good quiche for dinner! I was missing not preparing some for a while, so I had to fix that. With the summer vegetables starting I bought plenty of zucchini at the farmers market because we love them and ones need to enjoy them when they are in season (the season in... Continue Reading →


When I was a child, every year for mother day, which in France is at the end of May, we would go to my grandparents country house in Le Castelet to have a family lunch. From those lunches I remember catching tadpoles in the small stream that was running down the garden and picking cherries... Continue Reading →


Despite a very busy week at work, I wanted to try preparing some nice food, simple but nice... and because we haven't been to the country, I still had to adjust to what I could find in Tokyo's supermarkets. One thing I found that was nice was fresh corn... something I don't cook to often... Continue Reading →

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