When you are super pleased to invent a new recipe that looks like delicious... and talk about it over the phone with your mom and she tells you that your brilliant idea not only already exists but is actually a classic Sicilian recipe!!! I must have Italian blood at some point!!!! Anyway, this brilliant and... Continue Reading →

Wafu pasta

The way of preparing pasta is unlimited and using Japanese ingredients with pasta may be really strange at first but it is not at all so strange in the end, it's actually rather good. They are called wafu pasta (和風パスタ) and are actually quite common in Japan, they are regular pasta (most often spaghetti) with... Continue Reading →

Spicy tomato sauce

While in Nasu we discovered a nice little restaurant called Cu-eri which is run by a couple of Japanese chefs, one of them trained in France. Their cuisine uses local ingredients in French inspired recipes and even some classic recipes very well realized. One thing that I really enjoyed was the way they used soft... Continue Reading →

Away from the heat

I am quite ok with the heat in the summer, I move slowly, plan things ahead to never have to run, carry water with me and dress lightly. And if I can swim it's perfect. I guess my body is also used to it from growing in the South of France. But little Parisian A.... Continue Reading →

Anchovies and grapefruit pasta

The weather in Kanto area has been quite amazing these past weeks. The summer is blasting with a real summer heat and sunny days or with just a few clouds are following each other without a drop of rain. Even the evening storms are not really coming... with such heat cooking is becoming more complicated... Continue Reading →

Sea day

I really like that in Japan there is a holiday for the sea day (and now one for the mountain too!!!). I think it is beautiful to celebrate things from the nature that concern everyone and that is not even nationalist. Sea day also marks the debut of the beach season, that lasts only a... Continue Reading →

Eggplant pasta

These days I'm getting crazy with eggplant pasta. I know eggplants are something we can find easily so I waited until the real beginning of summer and the end of many of the early summer vegetables such as zucchini, to start buying eggplants. I know that from now on eggplant will be on the menu... Continue Reading →

Some new greens

Every season brings a new kind of greens to the table, not just seasonal but also things I have never seen or cooked before. That's what is fun with shopping at local farmers markets. Each one has some different products. When I shop in Ohara, I don't find the same things than when I shop... Continue Reading →

Jute mallow

モロヘイヤ (say moroheiya) or jute mallow is a summer green that us eaten often in Japan in miso soup and tempura. I've known it for long but was barely cooking it until last summer when we visited our friends in Tsunan and K. prepared some. This little green plant is like okra or yamaimo, it... Continue Reading →

Blueberry tart season!!

Every year I wait for this season, when there's plenty of fruits at the farmers market and you can buy locally grown blueberries by 300g or 500g for a cheap price... something for those that don't live in Japan seems probably unimaginable when you buy fruits by kilos... but out of this 300g or 500g... Continue Reading →


I used to prepare a lot of gaspacho in the past, using canned tomatoes... "in the past" was probably 15 or 20 years ago. Then I stopped buying canned tomatoes and never felt that the tomatoes in the supermarket were good enough for such a simple recipe that requires very good tomatoes... and then we... Continue Reading →

Japanese plum: sumomo

When one Japanese plum (sumomo - スモモ) tree in the garden suddenly decides to produce dozens or hundreds of fruits... so many that it becomes annoying... the only option is to give away many again to friends around (they'll start to get annoyed too!!!)... but when it's still too much the only option for me... Continue Reading →

Potato gnocchi x olive oil

I'm a great great fan of potato gnocchi. I love them just boiled with olive oil, or with tomatoes and basil. I love them grilles in a pan with olive oil and salt. I love them in more complex dressings (all my gnocchi recipes here!)... I also enjoy preparing them a lot, the texture of... Continue Reading →

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