Going to Paris in August is always a feast! The city is empty of angry Parisian and everything is smooth and nice. Of course there is no theatre show nor opera to see, little exhibitions and some shops and restaurants are closed for the summer holiday, but who cares? It's the best time to visit... Continue Reading →


As planned I didn't have much time to write in the past days, busy with work: final grading, entrance exams, proposals to submit and research to supervise as usual though. And at home it's been busy too, with friends visiting and a feverish A. to take care of. But the noticeable thing of this week... Continue Reading →

Poached peaches

I was planning plenty of posts these days to compensate for the fewer coming in the end of the month due to traveling... but in the end I didn't manage to get as many as I wanted to... I'm still cooking steadily and trying new combinations but it's been hot these days and I've had... Continue Reading →

Chickpea pasta

When we traveled to Australia last May, I've totally fallen in love with lentil pasta and chickpea pasta found in an organic vegan shop. I'm not particularly interested in gluten-free food but taste wise it was really very interesting. So I decided to try to make my own ones from chickpea flour. I knew it... Continue Reading →

Wax gourd – 冬瓜

A few years ago (or in an other life... when I was managing time differently) I used to go to 茶懐石 chakaiseki cooking classes once a month. I learned a lot there, about classic Japanese cooking techniques, about Japanese sweets and about some ingredients I was never cooking. Wax gourd is one of them. It... Continue Reading →

Malabar spinach & okra

Now that the summer is blasting the green vegetables options are narrowing. Over the zucchini and the French beans... cucumber, jute mallow and okra are the most important green staples for me... but the Malabar spinach is curiously still on the market stands. I love Malabar spinach so much that I continue buying some anytime... Continue Reading →

Figs are back!!

This year I have the impression that everything is earlier than usual. Blueberries are almost finished and figs are already ripening and are quite delicious. Farmers are getting ready to harvest rice in Chiba. Even Sarusuberi trees are blossoming almost 1month earlier than usual... So with the figs ready I was thinking of rich almond... Continue Reading →

Goya chanpuru

In Okinawa cuisine they use a lot of pork meat and of goya, a bitter melon. Goya in Okinawa is delicious, but goya is a vegetable I never buy in Tokyo, because the ones you find in supermarkets are usually horribly bitter and hard (I did try a few times a long time ago...). There... Continue Reading →

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