Poached peaches

I was planning plenty of posts these days to compensate for the fewer coming in the end of the month due to traveling… but in the end I didn’t manage to get as many as I wanted to… I’m still cooking steadily and trying new combinations but it’s been hot these days and I’ve had little appetite, searching for simple things… so when we had friends over for dinner the other night and I was thinking of desserts… poached peaches immediately were a winner! I love them because they are so simple to make, so delicious and light. I usually prepare them with a verbena syrup but this time I chose to add no sugar to it, so just infused verbena leaves in the water to poach the peaches. A really simple recipe I have from my mother.

Poached peaches in verbena

– peaches (count 1/2 to one peach per person), not to ripen not to hard so that you can remove the stem

– water

– a handful of verbena leaves dry or fresh

Peel and half or quater the peaches. Bring a large pan (where you can put all your peaches) to a boil. Add the verbena leaves and the peaches. Cook until peaches are soft. Keep at room temperature or refrigerated before serving. Yes! That’s it!!!!

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