Muscovado scones

We are lucky to have a friend whose parents live in Okinawa and send regularly some delicious, organic products from there. One of the famous staple from okinawa is muscovado sugar (黒糖 こくとう kokuto) . Muscovado sugar is basically unrefined sugar cane, rich in minerals and with a distinctive dark color and a strong taste. Though... Continue Reading →

Spinach and miso

Last week I had a food shopping spree at Wakuwaku in Otaki, and I bought different types of miso. I love miso, in soup of course, but also as a dip, or in many recipes as an ingredient. This time I used it in two spinach recipes. White miso with spinach and chrysanthemum and regular granulous... Continue Reading →

Japanese delight

I finally tested a recipe inspired by the cooking book I bought last week on my way home at a bouquinist in Jimbocho. It’s an old book from the 1970’s or 1980’s and it has a lot of very beautifully presented food. Plating changes with time and they certainly had some nice one at that... Continue Reading →

Vegan gnocchi

When we travel to Sicily last Xmas I bough a small gnocchi board, and curiously enough I haven’t made gnocchi since I have had it. It was time to change that! And the other day with D. and C. at home we discussed about vegan gnocchi, and I was rather tempted to try. The main... Continue Reading →

Shopping spree!

With our new work schedule, we finish work quite late on Friday evening and leaving for the country at 23:00, in the cold evening, empty stomachs and drained from the week is not too tempting, so we prefer to wake early on Saturday morning and leave quickly. In the winter fewer people go surfing and... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 5!

And here is the last recipe of this shiitake week! I could have added many more like shiitake quiche, shiitake soup... But weekend is for new creative cooking... we’ll see tomorrow what the farmers market will inspire us... though I am craving for homemade gnocchi, rich quiche and more takikomi gohan... and I have a... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 4!

Some time ago I was writing about my worst culinary failure ever when I made my first miso eggplants. The recipe came from the very Japanese cooking book I bought. And this book has been very precious for us when we started to live in Tokyo. “Simple & delicious Japanese cooking” by Keiko Hayashi has been... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 3!

It’ been quite sometime I didn’t make ravioli right?! And I couldn’t wait any longer to train again... in prevision of my visit to Tuscany next month... And with beautiful shiitake, kabocha season and delicious Isumi pork, it was easy to decide what the fillingwould be: it will be all or nothing!  Indeed kabocha and... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 2!

When suddenly the weather is chilly in the country, that it’s late and I want some confort food, I usually prepare a hot pasta soup with a clear vegetable bouillon. Leek and carrots are the two main ingredients for the bouillon, but alone they do not provide enough, so I like to add something else.... Continue Reading →

Shiitake week! Day 1!

After weeks trying to get this new rythm, I think we’ve almost got it... and a weekend in the country with tennis, gardening and cooking, plus the cat and a bit of work was the perfect way to completely get it right. My muscles hacking from the tennis and the gardening: trimming a Japanese pine... Continue Reading →

New rythm

Pfou... it’s not easy to find a mew rythm when days at work are 13h and one day you start early, the other you finish late... even less easy when A. has meetings until quite late... Cooking dinner past 22:30 when lunch is that far away and you’re starving requires food that can be prepared... Continue Reading →

Long weekend

After a series of very rainy weekends, so many that I don't even count them anymore, a perfect autumn weekend was more than welcome, and even better: it was a long weekend. We spent sometime in Tokyo and most of the time in Ohara with D. and C.. The planning was simple: outdoor activities and... Continue Reading →

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