Curry-rice quiche!

Not enough of the leek tart with some brown rice pie crust, I went further with this curry-rice quiche. All in one dish all in one quiche! Same pie crust as the last post, but this time after half baking it I filled it with a special mix. In a pan I cut roughly a... Continue Reading →


It's the second weekend with a typhoon this month and the third all day rain weekend. Busy with a lot of work, we decided to stay in Tokyo to see some friends, go to the movies, see an exhibition and ... work... It was also a good opportunity for me to get familiar with my... Continue Reading →

Yuzu season: start!

The autumn is here for sure now, and despite the lot of rain, the typhoons etc... there are a few very beautiful sunny days like today. And it is great to enjoy yuzu in the recipes with the fruits starting to appear at the farmers market. I love to use the skin of the yuzu... Continue Reading →

Two simple Japanese recipes

With some guests from France at home this weekend I cooked some simple Japanese recipes that they could reproduce back home. And because the weather was really terrible I could take all the time needed to chop thinly the vegetables and prepare recipes I usually don't.The two recipes I prepared were daikon and miso, and... Continue Reading →

Butternut squash and pasta

I've been posting a lot about butternut squash these days, indeed it's the pick season now before shifting to kabocha which taste is very different. And since I've been living alone in the past weeks, one butternut squash is a lot of food for one, so I've cooked it one way, an other, and an... Continue Reading →

Where is the Japanese autumn?

One thing that is really beautiful in Japan is the autumn sunny days called akibare-秋晴れ. They are usually warm and the blue of the sky contrasts vividly with the changing colors of the nature. This period usually streches until mid-November even December sometimes. This year, after the rainy summer we had, I was longing for... Continue Reading →

Muesli pancakes

Since A. is away, I was thinking of having muesli and fruits for breakfast, so I stopped by the supermarket last night to buy some nuts muesli and some soya milk. But then this morning I was up at 6:15 and decided that after a bit of workout I would rather eat pancakes. So basically... Continue Reading →

Kurashiki – 倉敷

This year so far, we haven't traveled much abroad, rather we traveled to many places in Japan that were on my bucket list: we went to the north part of Okinawa, to Hakuba in the summer, to Takayama, to the Kiso valley etc... one other place on the list was Kurashiki. So when our visitors... Continue Reading →

Simply simpler

No time to fix dinner? Don't worry, I've just found a new preparation for sweet potatoes, and it's so simple and delicious that it surprised myself. This is a sweet potato soup. But usually sweet potato soup means, that first you cook the potatoes, then blend them, add some cream or whatever and then eat.... Continue Reading →

Simple food

There is one thing that I always think about cooking when in a rush to prepare our meals and want to eat some Japanese food, it's simple seasonal vegetables sautéed, deglazed in a bit of soya sauce, served with rice and pickles. It is so very simple and yet so delicious that it beats any... Continue Reading →

Kabocha soup

Autumn seems to have arrived. Mornings and evenings are much chillier and days are getting really shorter already. So it's time to prepare some warm simple soups. After eating so many butternut squash, now I have started to cook kabocha. This little Japanese pumpkin with very green skin that can be eaten too. And making... Continue Reading →

Persimmons harvest

Together with the gingko nuts, the season for persimmons has also started, and our two trees in the garden are literally covered with fruits this year. Since this is way to much to eat them all, that pretty much everyone has a persimmon tree in their garden, contrarily to gingko nuts, they are difficult to... Continue Reading →

Gingko nuts – 銀杏

So, we have a gingko tree in our garden. The first few years it didn't give fruits and we thought we won't have the pleasure to eat fresh gingko nuts but also not the nuisance of the horrible smell. But then... it started to bear fruits and we started to harvest them, or sometimes it... Continue Reading →

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