Lentil curry

Well well well, it's getting cold and gloomy today in Tokyo and rain and snow are on the forecast for tonight after weeks of dry and sunny weather... I guess that's it... every year is basically the same... after the brilliant days of January cold, the gloomier days arrive, colder even... To warm the mind... Continue Reading →

When I fail… 🚮

Once in a while I make a cooking failure... recently it hasn't happened much because I master better my kitchen and the products I cook, and I have gained in skills a lot. But when it happens it is always very sad... and last night was one of this saddening moment when you have to... Continue Reading →

Eating local when expatriated

This question has been in my mind for a very long time anytime I use #localfood or #eatlocal: What does it mean to eat local when you are expatriated and you travel once or more a year to your home country? Does 100% of the ingredients have to be local? If not how much could... Continue Reading →

White miso for the winter

There exists miso for each season and if red miso is for the summer, white miso is the one for the winter. I learned that at my cha-kaiseki cuisine classes a few years ago. And in an attempt to make some vegan pie crust I was tempted to replace butter by the creamy white miso,... Continue Reading →


Remember last March? I made miso with our friends... and I had to wait about a year before being able to try it... actually our friends came home the other day and we talked miso, and they said that their miso was ready and 9month were sufficient... so I couldn't wait to open my bucket... Continue Reading →

Bread for every mornings

Earlier in December as I mentioned in my first post this year, I discovered a book thanks to Giulia @ Julskitchen that makes the promise to prepare fancy breads in 5min. I was skeptical at first but also curious so the only option was to try by myself a few recipes and see how it... Continue Reading →

Ravioli with Japanese flavors

By now you must know that I love ravioli, that I love both making and eating them. With the end of year/new year holidays in Japan, most of the farmers market were off until today, so I had to buy some long lasting vegetables that would last 7-10 days and enough for having friends at... Continue Reading →

Hand making

I've always loved making things with my hands... whether it's been cooking, or small crafts, or drawing, but with a grand mother professional knitter, a mother and elder sister that know sewing, as the smallest one I didn't really get a chance to learn any on these. Knitting I would probably be able to catch... Continue Reading →

Welcome 2019!

How are you starting this new year? I am welcoming the new year as a normal day in our country house, with a garden harvest of lemons, natsu-mikan, daffodils, camellia flowers and maple leaves... and a lot of cooking and baking. I also started learning cutting and sewing with my old neighbor. Regarding baking, this... Continue Reading →

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