New green on the table: tatsoi

The family of edible greens I know is growing every week when we go to the farmers market. Somehow they always manage to have something that tickles me and I want to try. This week was all about tatsoi. Sorry for being such so badly cultivated when it comes to greens... I have so much... Continue Reading →

Italy meets Japan again

Saturday I spent some time browsing cookbooks, looking at their beautiful pictures and slowly moving from the winter mood to the spring mood. I was focusing on two very different books: a Japanese macrobiotic cookbook from Brownsfield owner elder daughter Shinema Nakajima, and a Sicilian cookbook by bloggers Maria Teresa di Marco and Marie Cecile... Continue Reading →


No cooking or recipe talk today... just talking about me and us. About what February 24th means... 12 years ago today A. and I got married... it took us years to find where and how we would do it, but suddenly, one day, in Tokyo, we found the place and everything was settled in less... Continue Reading →

Making miso again

The time of making miso has come again... and just like last year I went to our neighbors's S. and W., and made miso with them. Below⬇︎it's me equipped for this task with my gears: in the orange furoshiki, a large container with a loose lid that has been sterilized, a bowl and a pestle.... Continue Reading →


OK! I got it right now! The recipe of the sweet and soft cookies a la mode Laura Todd. My second trial was the right one! The official recipe is here, but shush! don't tell A. I slightly changed it! I actually had to because the original recipe is for 375g of flour and 1... Continue Reading →

Simple food: rice

Though when we were first traveling to Japan about 20 years ago, I would get tired of eating rice 3 times a day after one week, now I think I eat rice not enough and I am never tired of it, be it 3 times a day, every days! It can be plain white rice... Continue Reading →

Fukinoto miso

I harvested a few fukinoto very early in January, but now is the pick season in Isumi. We have quite a lot growing in the garden, so I just have to walk around where the fuki grow and search under the fallen leaves for the little yellow-green buds. Can you spot them in the below... Continue Reading →

Spring chrysanthemums – 春菊

When you can feel that winter is still here but you slowly get tired of the cold winds... the plum trees start blooming and the spring vegetables are arriving. I harvested already some time ago the first wild spring vegetables: fukinoto and canola will arrive soon, but today I want to talk about a winter... Continue Reading →

Crepes or cookies

I wanted to talk about one or the other in my post today but I decided to do otherwise because my cookies recipe is great but the baking time wasn't good (I slightly over baked them) so it needs another trial before being shared. And crepes... well... it was Chandeleur on Saturday and I thought... Continue Reading →

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