Lemon cake

For my birthday for the past 6 or 7 years, when possible, A. bakes me a birthday cake of my choice. The season is such that it involves often lemon or apple. This year the tradition went on and he prepared on my request a lemon cake. With the lemon just harvested in the garden.... Continue Reading →

Getting old…

Tomorrow I'll turn one year up... now I know that I didn't achieve my main goal for this year, despite trying hard for the past few years, but I realized I actually don't care much because it doesn't depend on me actually but on appreciation of others, and being alien in a conservative country doesn't... Continue Reading →

Moyashi – soya sprouts

Soya sprouts (or moyashi) are one of these things I love but I hardly buy and cook because it's hard to find some that are made properly. I remember reading about how they were made and stopped eating some. So last night when We went shopping after flying back from France, and I found organic... Continue Reading →

Xmas approaching

Except for some Xmas decorations and tangerine, pompe a l'huile and panettone I am not a big fan of Christmas. This time of forced happiness, of forced making presents and receiving some, the bad timing with my birthday following just after... no really... I could easily pass. And pass on the weeks before too starting... Continue Reading →

Harbor market

Every Sunday morning from 8 to 12 there is a "harbor market" at Ohara fishing harbor. We don't go very often because the main attractions there are fresh shellfish grilled on the spot, and there are more stalls that have ready to eat food than truly food to buy to take home and prepare. But... Continue Reading →

A week in the clouds – yogurt cake

December is going in a flash this year... busy days leave room to busier days and the gloomy and cold weather adds to the impression of being overwhelmed. The weather reminded more of Parisian winter than that of Tokyo, giving an awkward feeling, and missing the fireplace very much. My head has been in the... Continue Reading →

Simmered kabocha

All a sudden it has become very cold and warm food, rich and tasty is more than necessary. During the autumn I have used a lot of butternut squash, leaving the little Japanese kabocha on the side for a while, knowing that they would be right there when needed in the winter, as the season... Continue Reading →

Walnut bread

After a few weeks without kneading and baking bread it was time to get my hands in the dough again. First wanted to make a rich brioche for breakfast since it has been chilly the past few days... but then I realized I had no eggs... so I opted for bread... but I wanted something... Continue Reading →


Today I was reading some articles and stumbled upon the word "angst". If I understood the general meaning so that my reading wasn't impeded, I still wanted a clear definition. It's not hard to search and find the answer and I started immediately to like this word very much, it described so well what I... Continue Reading →

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