Fava beans gyoza

I could have started a "fava beans week" and write everyday a new recipe using them, whether Japanese, Italian or French... but I was alone these days, A. traveling again for work, and my work is kind of busy... a lot of things have suddenly started to move forward since February, after months if not... Continue Reading →

Spring greens

My kitchen garden seems to be doing ok! Every week I harvest something, and recently it's been focused on snap peas and herbs. Two plants of peas actually have been producing a handful of snap peas every week, which is just the perfect amount for us so far, as I used them mixed with other... Continue Reading →

Bacalau – すきみ鱈

Bacalau, salted cod, is something I have been eating for ever. It is part of the traditional aïoli from Provence and also from the French Caribbean islands the Antilles, acra and in féroce d'avocat, a delicious avocado base recipe. Seeing how much cod is a popular fish in Japan, and sun-dried fishes himono-干物, are also... Continue Reading →


Though very close from Japan, it's only the second time I travelled to Korea. Until this week, I have always avoided traveling to Korea, in particular to Daejon, where a lot of events in my professional field happen. The reason is simple: our first experience with Korea, back then in 2005 was a very disappointing... Continue Reading →

Kitchen garden

Since we bought a house in the countryside, I've been fancying a kitchen garden. The first year the whole garden was such a jungle, after being unattended for almost two years, that we decided to focus on fixing the existing trees, shrubs and plants. The second year we finally decided to start something. My mother... Continue Reading →

Tsunan – 津南町

Every once in a while we go to visit our friends and their cat in Tsunan, in the Niigata mountains. We originally planned to go for new year but the snow has stopped us: our car is not equipped for snow... so we took the opportunity of the long golden week to drive up and... Continue Reading →


In the series of spring greens now is the time to talk about urui - うるい or hosta in English is not really a wild plant but rather something that grows freely in gardens. Their beautiful leaves and flowers are a nice ornament but what is most interesting is the leaves right after sprouting as... Continue Reading →

Wild mountain plants

More than 10 years ago our friends K. and S. invited us to their home in the Niigata mountains to go picking wild plants - 山菜 - sansai with them, and to cook and eat them together. Of course we couldn't say no, and we had an amazing time with them walking deep in the... Continue Reading →

Green plate

The golden week continues with friends visiting and a lot of cooking for our guests. So when things get quieter I cook some very simple things with one of the seasonal product: yama udo. The first time we ate yama udo was in Tsunan with our friends when we went to pick some. Compared to... Continue Reading →

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