Showa style

Yesterday was Showa day. Showa was the governing emperor from 1926 to 1989. Of course it covers WWII events, but what is really interesting for me is the postwar development of culture and style during and after the American occupation, after Japan's been defeated. This period has been marked by a lot of movies, a... Continue Reading →

Green, green, green

Spring is really here and with it all the delicious greens. This week-end I packed up in fresh greens and couldn't wait too cook them!   Days are getting warmer but nights are still cool, so with the horse beans I decided to make a little soup with roasted hazelnuts. The snap peas I just... Continue Reading →

Yuzu and chocolate chips cake

Yuzu is one of Japan most famous  Citrus fruit, but actually there exist several varieties of yuzu: green yuzu with a thin skin, orange yuzu with a thick skin, all used at different seasons and for different recipes. The peels of orange yuzu are particularly delicious and candied it's one of my weak points! It's... Continue Reading →


The fougasse is one of my favourite bread. It goes back to when I was a little kid in Aix en Provence and a few days a week "le pere Richard" was making these delicious plain fougasse with little hearts to take off. Since then this olive oil base bread has gained popularity and now... Continue Reading →

Sardine and spicy tomato pasta

This week, just back from the US, has been quite crazy at work and since we haven't been to the country our stock of fresh veg has turned short quickly, and we've eaten a lot of avocado, baby leaves salad, fresh sprouts and tomatoes. Recently also I wasn't cooking pasta or risotto too much, but... Continue Reading →

Vegan one-plate for dinner

I cook a lot of vegetarian dishes, but recently I realized I'm cooking a lot more vegan dishes. I come with new ideas all the time and this past few days I really enjoy cooking with thick fried tofu. Usually it is prepared in large pieces of 10cm by 10cm, 2cm high, this time I... Continue Reading →

Vegan celery soup

I love simple vegetable soup in particular after traveling I need a dose of fresh fruits and vegetables to compensate for airport and plane food, and my favorite inspiration is definitely the Minestrone. My basic recipe uses vegetable consommé, tomatoes and celery, then I add whatever is available. This time was really limited: leek. But... Continue Reading →

Hotel life: my American favorites

When traveling it's always hectic with food for me, I don't like eating out 3 times a day. Most portions are way too big and I get quickly bored with the amount of mix tastes that surpasses my imagination.  As you may know now, I like simple delicious things. So when in the US I... Continue Reading →

Grilled lotus roots

I love lotus roots. The taste is very subtle, the slightly crunchy but yet moisted consistency, the beautiful shape... I like to slightly fry some as a snack when we have guests, but I hate how frying, even in a very thin layer of oil makes the kitchen all dirty and greasy. Recently I came... Continue Reading →

Chestnut and soya flour bread

Since I'm still trying a few cheese from the Komagata factory, I wanted some bread to eat with. The problem with bread is that it takes at least 3h30 to have something ready to eat assuming that you have a room heated at about 23deg... Knowing that Japanese houses are not well isolated not even... Continue Reading →

Bamboo shoot and caper salad

A few years ago while I was trying new recipes I was taking notes of any good finding for future use. Of course, after changing job and apartment, I stop making notes, and forgot about it. Recently, I was browsing trough this note book, and it reminded me receipe trials with bamboo shoots and when... Continue Reading →

Oven baked vegetables

With Easter around and the unsual amount of chocolates at home, I needed a basic simple vegan dish. I opted for oven grilled vegetables, to change for the steamed vegetables I often cook. Grilling takes slightly more time than steaming, but if you plan ahead it is really not complicated and delicious!  Here in the... Continue Reading →

Mushroom and tofu tart

Since spring has decided to go away and winter is back, I wanted to eat a warm and thick mushrooms tart. I made the dough with buckwheat flour and olive oil (not an easy one to shape) and for the rest a mix of fresh shiitake, fresh sort of shimeji, a big block of silky... Continue Reading →

Homemade pizza

I love pizza, all kind of dough, and simple toppings. So I've decided to make some, with a baker dough, slightly thick. The dough recipe is from my bakery book and was super easy to do, and for the topping I used the same tomato sauce as for the sardines, less spicy, fresh mushrooms and... Continue Reading →

Easter lunch

We don't celebrate Easter much since we live in Japan, but we always receive treats from France to remind us that Easter has come.  Besides the chocolates that are not available in Japan because Easter is not a traditional event, Easter means also "spring", often sakura blossom, colorful plates and colorful table decorations. But this... Continue Reading →

Chocolate and walnuts breads

A great day starts with a great breakfast. For this morning I prepared chocolate and walnuts little breads, just out from the oven. And a fresh smoothie with pineapple, cantaloupe melon and strawberries. How about you? How do you start your day? 

Hanami in Tokyo

Here we are, this is the 2015´s week for hanami in Tokyo. Yes, it usually don't last much then a week because at some point it rains and the delicate flowers fade. Right now the cherry trees are in full bloom, every place is crowded and Japanese people heads are spinning with flowers, sake, and... Continue Reading →

Vegan pasta sauce

When in a hurry, pasta are quite handy to fix a dinner. But pasta without sauce... So This time I made a rapid topping with one new onion, half paprika and a piece of thick fried tofu (aburage). All cut in small pieces, cooked brieftly in olive oil and seasoned with oregano and laurel, salt... Continue Reading →

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