Having a country house…

While we are celebrating the 8th anniversary of the purchase of our country house, I thought it was time to reflect a bit on how this purchase has modified our lives, probably more deeply than we could have expected or maybe realized and in many ways how this house and its surroundings have changed my... Continue Reading →

Super easy pickles

In the summer it is nice to enjoy refreshing pickled vegetables. After many attempts of different methods to make pickles there are a few that I find particularly not adapted to our life style, and some others that require too much equipment. But there are two that I really like and that are very simple,... Continue Reading →

Pain au lait

I’ve been baking a lot of breads these days but suddenly I felt like eating a variety of other baked things such as brioche, until A. saw a picture of a pan bagnat in a magazine and asked me to make one for him. I didn’t see the picture, and instead of thinking of the... Continue Reading →

A new veggie

There’s always something new to discover or to learn... that is true in any discipline, but even more in cooking!!! The quantity of potential ingredients is really enormous, and the variety depends so much on customs and climate that I am far from having explored a hundredth of what exists. Even in after 16 years... Continue Reading →

The end of the rainy season

After days of grey, humid and heavy days, suddenly one morning the sky is perfectly blue, the wind is perfectly warm, the sun is deliciously burning, the cicadas sing. At dawn and dusk the kanakana mushi sing along and you know it is the perfect summer day and you hope for more to come. The... Continue Reading →

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